External Recruiting Is On The Rise

11 Nov

Corporations are always in the market for intelligent and exciting new talent and while most of these companies have internal recruiters, the demand for talent is so high that external recruiting firms are seeing a major increase in business.

HR Reaching For Recruiters |Search Solution Group

It’s no surprise to the recruiters at Search Solution Group that there has been an increase in corporations reaching out to external recruiters.  Recruiters are hiring experts and really good recruiters get a thrill out of placing talent. And it’s not that internal recruiters aren’t doing a good job, because internal recruiters are brilliant and talented. It’s the fact that corporations are starting to realize that having those specially trained eyes for talent on the job as well, will give them a higher chance of success quicker.

In the past, our recruiters would spend hours talking with companies to inquire about their hiring needs, they are now fielding a high number of initial calls from corporate HR departments seeking our expert help. It’s an exciting trend that is bound to continue to rise. Once those companies get a taste of what Search Solution Group’s expertise can bring them, they are hooked for all their hiring needs.

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