Danielle Leach: Search Solution Group’s Most Tenacious Recruiter!

12 Nov

Danielle Leach | Search Solution GroupDanielle Leach, also known as ‘teach’, started her post college career as a teacher with Teach For America in Charlotte, NC. During her second year of teaching, she began to think about where she would go from there, but never thought she’d go into recruiting, even though it is in her blood. As the daughter of a successful and wise recruiter, she knew that recruiting is an industry where you work extremely hard, but the reward for success is high.  Danielle is bubbly, hyper-organized, and tenacious recruiter who has become fearless during her first year at Search Solution Group.

Danielle has learned a great deal about the way businesses work and what is involved in working with candidates and high-powered clients. At first, Danielle was intimidated by the titles of the clients she was working with. CFO, CEO, COO, VP; These were all titles that seemed otherworldly, but by just picking up the phone and talking, she realized that behind these titles were people who needed her help, no matter how lofty the title. Once she realized this, there was no slowing down Danielle.

Placing candidates in a job that they are over the moon excited about is one of her favorite things about being a recruiter. Danielle loves sharing in the joy that comes from improving a candidate’s career and giving a client their new top employee.

Outside of work, Danielle is an avid runner who has completed marathons. She has a competitive nature that gives her fuel for both running and her recruiting work. One thing that many of her friends know, but the world has yet to realize, is that Danielle is the identical twin to Kate Middleton. As an avid admirer of the Duchess of Cambridge, Danielle aspires to be as great of a woman and a style icon and is already on here way to becoming just that.

If Danielle could do anything right now, she would fill all her open jobs! She would then go to Africa to the orphanage her cousin runs in Uganda. With a huge heart and a ferocious nature, Danielle makes for a force to be reckoned with. She has huge dreams, but has the ability and the determination to fulfill those dreams, so watch out world!


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