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Columbus Day Myth Busting

14 Oct

It is Columbus Day, or as it’s called in Hawaii, ‘Discovery Day’!  Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1942 to find new land and prove that the world was round, right? Wrong! Most people think that Christopher Columbus was a revolutionary explorer discovering new lands when in all reality, those lands were already discovered by their inhabitants. Plus everyone had known the world was round for a few hundred years already. Just to add a kicker, Columbus never actually set foot on North American Soil. The only place that Columbus ever landed is now known as The Bahamas, Haiti, and The Dominican Republic. While he was there, he decided to make the indigenous people his slaves, take their land, and torture them to death. Christopher Columbus was not a heroic man nor should he be taught as one.

Christopher Columbus Myth | Search Solution Group

Today should be called Search Solution Group Day due to all the actual helping of people that happens around these parts. Each day at Search Solution Group is a discovery waiting to happen. Our expert recruiters take the task of finding the perfect candidate to fit a client’s needs and will not stop until top talent is discovered. The only commonality between Search Solution Group recruiters and Christopher Columbus is a tenacious and aggressive pursuit of success.

Come work with Search Solution Group and align your success with a group of executive recruiters who live for fulfilling your placement needs!


The State Of Our Nation’s Jobs

7 Oct

As the indecision war wages between the government parties focused on pointing fingers and waving away blame, hard-working people are losing money, and some are losing their jobs.

As thousands of US citizens are deemed ‘nonessential’ to the function of their company and agencies, unemployment rates are skyrocketing. Not only are government employees in D.C. feeling the effects of the shutdown, people here in North Carolina are feeling the icy sting of unemployment.  And it’s not just government employees either. Companies that rely on government contract jobs, have been letting their employees go right and left. Even if both factions of the U.S. government settle a budget, it’s doubtful that government contracts will be awards frequently anymore.


The U.S. has been in an economic crisis officially since December 2007 and for some strange reason people are just starting to become aware of the recession. This is just a warning, but it would be in your best interest to update your resume, check your references, re-evaluate the security of your career, and contact the recruiters at Search Solution Group before it’s too late!

If you feel as though you may be laid off, planning and preparing before hand will give you a plan of action. If unemployed, having goals will help to keep you focused on becoming employed again. If unemployed, take time to get in touch with a recruiter. You never know if there is a position you’d be perfect for unless you search!

Stay Positive Through Unemployment

Additionally, now that you have the time, learn something, read something, or go some place new. You don’t have to spend money to do any of these. Library books, networking events, and blogging sites are free. There are plenty of things you can do to stay positive and keep growing each day.

If you are looking for a job, please take a look at the jobs posted on our website. Our recruiters are constantly looking for the perfect candidate to fill our positions, and it could be you we’re looking for!

Follow this link to find our open positions:


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Making The Irrefutable Offer

4 Oct
Office Dog |Search Solution Group

Under experience, i see you are an expert fetch player? Excellent!

The most crucial part of the hiring process might seem like it’s the interviewing and the vetting, but in reality the success of a candidate placement comes down to you, the Employer. When you have a talented, successful, and vetted candidate sitting in front of you, it should make you a bit nervous not to mess this up. This candidate most likely has other options but is interested in you. Think back to your teenage years of dating when your heart had butterflies and you had nervous hand sweats, and would like, totally die if you messed anything up. This is how we want you to feel about the candidates.

Now that we have you nervous, you can calm down because we’ve got you covered.

When giving your candidate an offer, you have your budget and you have your wiggle room with offering price. But there is more to a successful job offer than just the agreement on number. Here are some ways to make your top candidate an irrefutable offer!

Don’t Drag Your Feet: A candidate this awesome doesn’t come around very often and it’s up to you to grab him before he’s gone. Besides, the interviewing process is long enough without the added delay in decision-making, right? Best policy, day of final interview with the candidate, make a decision and contact them with the offer! Not only are you easing your own and the candidate’s nervousness, it shows enthusiasm that you want them. Everyone wants to be wanted after all.

To Call or Email the Offer? Call them! Remember when we talked about enthusiasm for the candidate? Calling the candidate with the offer so you can convey your excitement for them and be able to answer any questions they might have.

If you call and there is no answer, leave a message for the candidate to call you back and send an email stating the same as your voicemail!

Explain Benefits to a T: Explain your benefits and pay as accurately as possible will help the candidate make his decision quickly and give them a sense of trust for you. This will also be beneficial to you later down the road when an employee is not expecting more out of you then what was promised.

Get A Commitment: Your candidate might want some time to think about your offer, which is OK. However, make sure that you ask if there is anything you can clear up that might be making them hesitate. You want to see what they think about the offer in order to make their acceptance more likely.

Write it out: Now that you have given a verbal offer to the candidate, write it all down in either an email or a letter and send it to the candidate. Be sure to give them a deadline to get a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ back to you within two to three days. This will hopefully keep them from dragging out the acceptance process.

Of course your Search Solution Group recruiter will be involved in the steps of the offer process, so if you have any questions, we are here to help!

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Goodbye Breaking Bad

30 Sep

**Spoiler Alert**

Did last night’s series finale of Breaking Bad give you such excitement that you threw a viewing party like these guys?

Breaking Bad |Search Solution Group

Did you then shove your face full of delicious Breaking Bad inspired cupcakes to drown your sorrows at the show’s ending?

Breaking Bad |Search Solution Group

If so, this post is for you. If you did not watch last night, you can still read on, but beware, it’ll spoil everything.

At Search Solution Group, there are a lot of  friendly bets  and challenges that happen. A recent bet made between Jeremy and Ashley was on whether or not Walter White would die or if  he would get away and ride off into the sunset.  Ashley won the bet and is now the recipient of a delicious lunch.

So Walt ends up dying from a stray bullet. But before he did so, he created a future for his children, finally told Skylar the truth about his continuation in the meth biz while giving her a way to avoid further legal trouble, and destroyed every single person who needed to be destroyed.

The majority of  what breaking bad enthusiast loved about the finale was that the writers kindly found a way to actually give us a finale. We weren’t left in the dark like in some other popular shows that literally left us in the dark. *Cough* Sopranos*Cough*.

The episode starts with Walt whispering to himself (or perhaps to the chemistry gods) “Just get me home, Just get me home”, and home he got. There are theories that he was acting as a ghost of himself wandering into places undetected, but we knew he had a plan he had to complete no matter the consequences, and had faith that his mission would be completed. This ghost-like quality was his realization that he knew he would be dead soon, so he might as well throw out all civilized behavior.No Fear.

That driving commitment to greatness and mission completeness is what connects Search Solution Group to Breaking Bad and the great Walter White. Search Solution Group’s recruiters strive to think of every possible outcome and are marvelous at solving problems in a genius way. While it might not involve the engineering of a deadly but brilliant trunk machine gun, SearchSolutionGroup’s recruiters have been known to engineer creative solutions to your needs in order to find the best talent. We don’t just stop at coming up with ideas, our recruiters take it a step further than other recruiting firms.

Our recruiters take the recruiter/candidate/client relationship a step further than other recruiting firms  and continues to maintain open lines of communication. We believe that by being available for clients and candidates in every step of the placement process keeps mistakes from happening. We want everything to be tied neatly with no loose ends just like Walt’s meticulous handling of a very sticky situation. While we don’t want for you to be bleeding out on the floor of a meth lab like Walt, we do want for our clients to have the same feeling of belonging and home  that was laid out so beautifully in the last scene, of the last episode, of the best TV Drama ever.

Now sorry for the interruption, please continue despairing over the loss of another great Sunday night TV drama.

Breaking Bad| Search Solution Group

Finding The Best Executive Recruiters

26 Sep

When starting your job search ( or if a recruiter calls you because you are a top candidate) the best type of recruiting or search firm to work with are a team of recruiting  specialists looking to work with specialists in their industries. For example, our recruiters at Search Solution Group specialize in placing people in these industries: Manufacturing, Retail Management, Distribution, Restaurant Management, Logistics, Energy, Health Care, Consumer Product Goods, and Hospitality. Within these industries are thousands of specialities ( like Finance or Human Resources) that we’ve placed. There are to be exact, a bajillion recruiters in the world, yet only some have connections, expertise,  and recruiters who are passionate for their jobs like our recruiters at Search Solution Group. 

Search Solution Group SuperRecruiters

Search Solution Group Super Recruiters

When looking for a great recruiter, take these qualities into account: 

Do They Know Your Industry

Say you are a Mechanical Engineer looking to find a new position, it would be important for you to work with a Recruiter who knows the industry and has connections and relationships with engineering firms  that employ Mechanical Engineers. For example, Search Solution Group has recruiters who have very strong connections with local, national, and international engineering firms and maintain those connections even when there is no job for them to fill because they know one day soon there might be one open.

Do They Communicate?

You want a recruiter who is always open to talk with you, give you advice, and listen to your concerns. Top recruiters have very  demanding schedules, but the important quality to have in a Recruiter, is responsiveness. If a recruiter doesn’t return your phone calls, emails, or hides behind a bush when they see you, its time to find yourself working with  Search Solution Group. If there is one thing that our recruiters are excellent at, it is responsiveness. Our recruiters are not afraid to pick up the phone and call you. Following through with a candidate is so imperative that you want to make sure you partner with a recruiter who will value your time.

Is This a Long-Term Relationship? 

The majority of recruiters will collect a large number of OK candidates for a position, and then drop them once they’ve made a placement. The recruiters at Search Solution Group look for a limited number of phenomenal candidates and makes sure to partner with those candidates in the future, whether it means working with you in your new Human Resources position, or staying in contact with you in order to find you the perfect position in the future. You want to work with a recruiter who cares about your success as much as they care about their success.



The recruiters at Search Solution Group are a team of dedicated, passionate, and caring people. We do everything to bring success to our clients and candidates. If you are looking to make a career change, contact us, find new job postings, and submit a resume through our website HERE and HERE!

Talent Recognition at SSG and The Emmy Awards

23 Sep

Breaking bad finally won the Best Drama Emmy award after 5 season of heart stopping, nail biting, and gut wrenching epic drama. It’s about time!  Another shout out to Homeland and the lovely Claire Danes for winning Best Actress in a Drama! Homeland not only is a fantastic show, but it’s shot in various parts of Charlotte. It’s always fun recognizing places in Charlotte on Homeland. We at Search Solution Group know  we’re excited for the new season to start next week! Apparently a ton of people thought that the Emmys were so strange that the hashtag #WeirdEmmys was trended so rapidly that the internet exploded and Teens everywhere had to actually talk to communicate instead of tweet their every thought.

Breaking Bad |Search Solution Group

Homeland | Search Solution Group

Great talent comes in many different forms and it is great when an actor or actress gets recognized for their talent and hard work. If Search Solution Group was a TV show, we would probably be one of the most entertaining dramatic comedies to exist. It would all start around the table eating lunch and the ladies have pulled a fast one and changed the TV from the normal sport center to E! news in order to catch up on the latest fashion faux pas of the red carpet. The gentlemen at the table are wide-eyed and horrified at the prospect of not having sports news at lunch. Drama and a near riot ensues, however, they do learn that overalls are making a comeback in fashion. The next day a candidate comes in wearing some fashionable, yet interview inappropriate overalls. We all have a good laugh, the guys tune into E! news more often, and Search Solution Group the brilliant TV show wins Best Dramatic Comedy at the 2014 Emmys. It’s going to happen and it will be #WeirdEmmys2.0!

Huddle Up, Team!

5 Sep

NFL 2013 | Search Solution Group

In honor of the start of the 2013 NFL season, today’s word is TEAMWORK!

Vince Lombardi, as a well-known football player, coach, and executive, knows a thing or two about hard work, sacrifice, and the value of teamwork.

Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.
Vince Lombardi

Search Solution Group’s approach to finding the right candidate involves a lot of teamwork and communication. Our strong team of seasoned recruiting professionals use their networking, social media and communications expertise to explore and find the most suitable and desirable candidates for managerial and executive-level positions.

If you are looking for an excellent team of recruiters to work to find you the perfect executive candidate, contact us!

Search Solution Group Is To Recruiting As JT Is To N’Sync

28 Aug

It’s doubtful that there was a person who grew up within the past 18 years that wasn’t thrilled to see the N’Sync reunion performance at the VMAs this past Sunday. Justin Timberlake walked away with an impressive amount of awards including the much deserved Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award! A beautiful award shared by artists ranging from The Rolling Stones, to Madonna, to David Bowie, and now to Justin Timberlake.  Hooray JT!

Search Solution Group is bringing sexy back

Whoa, sorry for that fandom. Now for the reason you are here.

Search Solution Group is to the Recruiting world as Justin Timberlake is to N’Sync. As a key player in the executive recruiting industry, in Charlotte as well as across the Nation, Search Solution Group’s mission is to search for and deliver THE best executive and professional talent for our network of prominent and respected clients. We do so by selecting only the best in their professions and industries, and we work hard to deliver sustainable employment solutions.

You could even go as far to say that Search Solution Group is bringing sexy back to the recruiting world.

By using the newest technologies and established, as well as successful processes to quickly find

the best candidates, Search Solution Group is in sync with the ever-changing recruiting world. Search Solution Group endeavors to provide swift and targeted professional searches for a select group of candidates and companies.

A Dramatically Different Solution

21 Aug

There are thousands and thousands of recruiting, staffing, and executive search firms in the United States today. All are working vigorously to get your, the employer’s, attention. It is ultimately up to you to decide who to work with and here are some things to consider when choosing Search Solution Group as the one and only place to discover top executive talent.


As a privately held company that prides itself on high success rates and a passion for its work, Search Solution Group has a long history of excellence. Our recruiters have an expertise and a talent to fill your needs. Our recruiting process at Search Solution Group is streamlined to cut down time while thoroughly vetting all candidates with reference checks and pre-screening interviews. All of this happens before you even meet with a candidate. When you do meet a candidate, we want you to love them like bacon. If you don’t love bacon, get out.


Say there is an executive at a company that is not looking for a new career, but we see them as an excellent match for your company, we will professionally but aggressively pursue that candidate for you. Bam! You just got yourself the best CFO in the business. You’re welcome.

Search Solution Group is awesome at everything we do and won’t stop until you are happy with your new executive.

19 Oct

“If you are going to be a Bear, be a GRIZZLY”