And The Award For Most Genuine Employee Goes To…

22 Jan

In case you didn’t know, the Golden Globe Awards were just the other night. This is basically where a bunch of overpaid, superficial and overall self-absorbed celebrities hang out in a room together and pretend to smile and nod when someone else wins the award they were hoping to go home with. Instead of the “Golden Globe Awards” it should be called the “I-Hate-You-But-I-Will-Stand-Up-And-Cheer-For-You-When-You-Win-So-That-I-Look-Like-I-Truly-Think-You-Should-Have-Won-Even-Though-I-Want-To-Steal-That-Little-Trophy-From-You Awards.” Mainly it truly tests these actors’ abilities to, well, act. They have to pretend to be so happy about losing, by pasting a smile on their face that is just a touch too cheerful… because lets be honest, who likes to lose? Image

The moral of this story is that even though most of us are not rich and famous, although we don’t get paid to wear designer clothing, get free gourmet dinner and take home goodie bags that probably cost three times as much as our Christmas presents, there is a lesson to be learned from these celebrities: being genuine, or at least knowing when to fake it.  There are going to be times when you have to face difficult situations, whether with another co-worker, a customer or even your boss, but you have to remember to paste on that smile and deliver your best performance. That doesn’t mean that you have to be anybody’s whipping boy, but there will be times, and you will recognize them, when an argument or a harsh facial expression is not worth the trouble.  Everybody has one of those days where your going to clash with someone or something, how you handle it will determine how people think about and respect you. Nobody wants to work with a hot head that always blows up at even the minutest detail, but they also don’t want to work with someone who never shares their thoughts and opinions. Finding a happy medium is key to becoming successful and happy in ones career.

So stand up in your living room, give yourself a round of applause and accept your award for The Most Genuine (or Seems to Be) Employee of the Year! P.S. we won’t judge you if you choose to pop a bottle of champagne and toast yourself during your acceptance speech.

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