New Year, New Career!

25 Nov

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and before we know it, December will be here!  During the holidays we start to think about those who are oppressed, struggling financially, or have had their live turn upside down by a devastating Typhoon.

Search Solution Group is fundraising for Oxfam America and their relief efforts for the Survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in The Philippines. You can help the millions of displaced and hurting people by giving a secure donation at .

Devastation in The Philippines

Devastation in The Philippines

As the holidays and the new year are only around the corner, it’s time to start reflecting on the past year’s accomplishments and learning from whatever setbacks or failures that may have occurred. It is also the time to think about your future and what should be accomplished in the next year.

New Career Resolutions | Search Solution Group

Lets say that you have been thinking about switching jobs but don’t know where to start, the New Year is the perfect time to lay out a plan for your New Year New Career search!

  1. Develop A Goal:  Start by writing down a realistic and timely Employment Goal. Having a set date of accomplishment will allow you to set your other goals within the timeline.
  2. Resume Makeover: Start small by having a timeframe for re-working your resume. You can then move on to finding a recruiter to work with, decide if you are willing to re-located, have a new salary goal, etc.
  3. Say Yes: If you have been dragging your feet for a long time on switching your career, your life might be needing some shaking up. A recruiter may bring you a job opportunity that is across the country. You don’t need to accept the job, but at least say yes to interviewing. You never know, the job might turn out to be your dream job!
  4. Network: Your recruiter might be able to give you some insight into some great networking events or groups that you should attend. Professional network groups are great not only in the job hunt, but throughout your professional career.

Don’t wait for the New Year to roll around to start your New Year New Career planning. Get a jump ahead of everyone else and contact Search Solution Group!  We can help you plan out what your next career move should be! In fact, Search Solution Group is currently hiring a recruiter to join our team in Charlotte,NC! You can find out more information about the job HERE!


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