Learning from a Dr. Seuss Client

27 May

Good News I survived the end of the World and will live to find more jobs for my many clients and candidates. The even better news is that this week was a fun week and a week of hope. I promise that all of my random blogs all tie into something to do with life, work, getting a new job or being better at what we currently do.

I learned that Dr. Seuss is the real deal. I had no idea he wrote so many books and that all of those characters had names and that certain HR people know them. Now if you are that certain HR person please email me back the name of those goofy looking characters and an offer for our candidate….Thank you.

I am bringing up Dr. Seuss because at some point all relationships take turns. Mine tend to lean to the obscure, because I do not care to talk about the weather or the trees. I want to know what makes you tick, how do you react and roll with the punches and can we get along and have a relationship. There is so much business out there that I want to work with fun, intelligent and motivated people. At the same time there are  so many bad and boring recruiters, I just don’t ever want to be one or thought of as one. My Dr. Seuss client actually said she never thought she would enjoy working with me this much. This made me feel good, mainly because I failed miserably at getting her a new job in the past. Maybe she saw that as a business owner and a recruiter that I care.  That I’m 100% devoted to my career and trying to help everyone at the risk of spreading myself to thin and missing some good cartoons.

My point, I hope that more people give others a chance and realize that the really good professionals aren’t going anywhere and will be in your corner for the long haul.

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