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Breaking Washington

1 Oct

In case you’ve been living in the mountains without signal, the US government is breaking down. Perhaps they should try just turning it off and back on again, or try blowing on it to get the  dust out. After failing to agree on a spending bill, the shutdown that has been coming for three years is finally here. Your mail will still be delivered and the military will still be in operation, but if you were planning on going to a federal park or museum, you are out of luck.

Government Shutdown |Search Solution Group

Luckily for you, Search Solution Group’s door never closes. With all the confusion and people not knowing the state of their government jobs or the state of their states, it is an important time to know the best recruiters in the biz. Getting connected with Search Solution Group has never been easier. Search Solution Group is implementing Operation Social Media Overhaul. This means that you will have more access to us through social means, more jobs will be posted, and our recruiters will be more engaging with our followers.

Come connect with us to get a good grasp on the state of YOUR career and let those government officials worry about the state of the Union.  This is ‘MERICA and no shutdown is going to ruin the operation of  Search Solution Group and other amazing small businesses who work hard every single day of the week!

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Vegas Baby!!!

30 Jun

You are planning your trip to Vegas and you can’t help dreaming of striking
it rich, winning big or hitting the jackpot!   But guess what you didn’t, no
shit!! Why?  Because you are all talk and no action. Yup, I said it,
you know it and when you look in the mirror later you will see it. You will
make excuses about timing or that it just didn’t feel right, but get in line, and
I hear it’s a LONG line…..

At least once a day for 10 years while I’m interviewing candidate’s one
person will tell me they want to start their own business or change jobs
because they can be doing so much more or be making more money. However the
timing is never right or they just want to make one more change to their
resume. Ha ha. Let the excuses begin!

Me, I’m all in…all the time. You get no fluff, no excuses you get 100
percent from day one. Why?  It’s just easier.  Have a plan; put some
thought into it (I get it). Pacing yourself, taking your time, yeah that
makes sense if you are painting the Sistine Chapel. Reality check, life and
opportunity is going to pass you by while you are trying to come up with
more excuses why your career sucks and you can’t make something last. I’m
never going to leave an opportunity on the table; I’m always going to take a
chance and put myself out there and create something. Example…….

This week had a few, but I’ll spare the flip floppers. One of my best
friends gives me the heads up he and his family are ready to relocate to the
south. So, like a good friend I help him with his resume (he actually wants a
change) and tell him keep me updated as to where you are applying. Next
thing I know, I’m talking to the hiring manager of this company about my
friend and his impressive resume. I call my friend back give him the
feedback and he says I quote” you don’t waste any time getting results”. Not
to be redundant, but no shit. Time is Money, and a relationship that I value
is depending on me. He and his family want to move and I can help make this
happen. So, I throw the chips in the middle of the table and go out and
create results. He is getting his first interview on Friday.

I need results, I seek success and I want more of it, I thrive on it. We
have built a business based on relationships, being true to our commitments
and keeping our promises. For me, this extends outside of the office as
well, and I’m always going to be the person who goes for it.

What opportunities have you been leaving on the table?  Have you taken the chance to win BIG?

Ps. see you in Vegas!