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It’s Not Trash Talking If It’s Reality..

20 Jan
When you are the best—and you back it up—tell the world about it.   Richard Sherman did that exact thing in an interview with Erin Andrews last night (poor Erin Andrews).  The Seattle Seahawks took the lunch money from the San Francisco 49er’s and told everyone.  Oh yeah, the Denver Broncos beat the New England Patriots, but no one cares.
After NaVorro Bowman’s knee injury/fumble recovery, Sherman took back the spotlight and let us all know.  Don’t get it confused, Sherman has been among the best for some time, especially in his own head, but he cemented that status last night.
A quick aside, Richard Sherman ain’t no dummy, click that link and read about the man; he earned his Stanford degree and made himself into a household name.  Normally a Cali Bro/West Coast guy, Sherman is burning his name into American life like a previous, and probably more despised, Sherman (history joke, heyo).
That is why people have it all wrong; trash talk is only trash if you are writing checks that your ass can’t cash, and Sherman has been earning that cash all season. 
That is why he has the respect of myself and (some) of the folks at Search Solution Group, why shy away from recognition or self-promotion if it is warranted? Wading through the world of the subpar and weeding out the true trash from the trash-talkers (think Freddy Mitchell) feels like something we do every day here at SSG.
The only thing from Seattle that Middle America has been paying attention to is Macklemore’s sub-par/gimmicky rapping, for being one of the two best teams in the NFL, the Seahawks are largely anonymous.  Until last night.
Long story short, if you deserve to be considered among, or the best; if you back it up consistently; by all means tell ‘em about it.  Have you heard of any of the San Francisco 49er’s complaining?  No.  Because Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks earned it.