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Britney Spears Defeats Somali Pirates

30 Oct

Apparently Britney Spears is being used to drive away Somali Pirates on the high seas. No, not literally Britney Spears out there with a machine gun, but her loud, high-pitched, and tub-thumping pop music!  Music is the lifeblood of the human race and when used effectively, it can be used to bring an enemy to his knees. Kudos to the British Navy for thinking outside of the box to solve the fact that Somali Pirates aren’t afraid of guns and intimidating soldiers. They just really hate hearing ‘Oops I Did It Again” blasted on repeat. Imagine what would happen if they chose to play music by The Beebs; They would have The United Nations Security Council to deal with for breaches of the Geneva Convention. Haven’t seen Captain Phillips yet, but Britney Spears is coming out with a new album. It might be time that merchant ships adopt the British Navy’s defense system and purchase that album in bulk.

Britney Spears Defeats Somali Pirates

Solving problems in a creative way is the bread and butter of Search Solution Group. You have a problem? Our executive recruiters can solve it. You need a good candidate? Search Solution Group recruiters throw every resource into finding you Top Talent.  Now, you can’t just blindly try every solution that you think will work. Brainstorming ideas is the place to think freely about solutions, but when it actually comes to implementing a solution, follow these easy steps:

1) Identify the issue and if there is an obvious solution.

2) If an obvious solution doesn’t exist, write out everything that might have contributed to the problem.

3) Start on the more outlying problems first and see if there are solutions that haven’t been considered previously.

4) Never dismiss a solution because “it can’t be done”. Everything can actually be done if enough effort is put into the solution.

5) Stop playing by other people’s rules. Make up your own, and then don’t even follow those rules. Keep switching it up. If there was anything to learn from HBO’s: The Wire, it is that the Game is always changing and if you aren’t making the rules, you won’t win.

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