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Goodbye Breaking Bad

30 Sep

**Spoiler Alert**

Did last night’s series finale of Breaking Bad give you such excitement that you threw a viewing party like these guys?

Breaking Bad |Search Solution Group

Did you then shove your face full of delicious Breaking Bad inspired cupcakes to drown your sorrows at the show’s ending?

Breaking Bad |Search Solution Group

If so, this post is for you. If you did not watch last night, you can still read on, but beware, it’ll spoil everything.

At Search Solution Group, there are a lot of  friendly bets  and challenges that happen. A recent bet made between Jeremy and Ashley was on whether or not Walter White would die or if  he would get away and ride off into the sunset.  Ashley won the bet and is now the recipient of a delicious lunch.

So Walt ends up dying from a stray bullet. But before he did so, he created a future for his children, finally told Skylar the truth about his continuation in the meth biz while giving her a way to avoid further legal trouble, and destroyed every single person who needed to be destroyed.

The majority of  what breaking bad enthusiast loved about the finale was that the writers kindly found a way to actually give us a finale. We weren’t left in the dark like in some other popular shows that literally left us in the dark. *Cough* Sopranos*Cough*.

The episode starts with Walt whispering to himself (or perhaps to the chemistry gods) “Just get me home, Just get me home”, and home he got. There are theories that he was acting as a ghost of himself wandering into places undetected, but we knew he had a plan he had to complete no matter the consequences, and had faith that his mission would be completed. This ghost-like quality was his realization that he knew he would be dead soon, so he might as well throw out all civilized behavior.No Fear.

That driving commitment to greatness and mission completeness is what connects Search Solution Group to Breaking Bad and the great Walter White. Search Solution Group’s recruiters strive to think of every possible outcome and are marvelous at solving problems in a genius way. While it might not involve the engineering of a deadly but brilliant trunk machine gun, SearchSolutionGroup’s recruiters have been known to engineer creative solutions to your needs in order to find the best talent. We don’t just stop at coming up with ideas, our recruiters take it a step further than other recruiting firms.

Our recruiters take the recruiter/candidate/client relationship a step further than other recruiting firms  and continues to maintain open lines of communication. We believe that by being available for clients and candidates in every step of the placement process keeps mistakes from happening. We want everything to be tied neatly with no loose ends just like Walt’s meticulous handling of a very sticky situation. While we don’t want for you to be bleeding out on the floor of a meth lab like Walt, we do want for our clients to have the same feeling of belonging and home  that was laid out so beautifully in the last scene, of the last episode, of the best TV Drama ever.

Now sorry for the interruption, please continue despairing over the loss of another great Sunday night TV drama.

Breaking Bad| Search Solution Group