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External Recruiting Is On The Rise

11 Nov

Corporations are always in the market for intelligent and exciting new talent and while most of these companies have internal recruiters, the demand for talent is so high that external recruiting firms are seeing a major increase in business.

HR Reaching For Recruiters |Search Solution Group

It’s no surprise to the recruiters at Search Solution Group that there has been an increase in corporations reaching out to external recruiters.  Recruiters are hiring experts and really good recruiters get a thrill out of placing talent. And it’s not that internal recruiters aren’t doing a good job, because internal recruiters are brilliant and talented. It’s the fact that corporations are starting to realize that having those specially trained eyes for talent on the job as well, will give them a higher chance of success quicker.

In the past, our recruiters would spend hours talking with companies to inquire about their hiring needs, they are now fielding a high number of initial calls from corporate HR departments seeking our expert help. It’s an exciting trend that is bound to continue to rise. Once those companies get a taste of what Search Solution Group’s expertise can bring them, they are hooked for all their hiring needs.

Eric Fehr: The Most Passionate Recruiter In The World

8 Nov

Eric Fehr| Search Solution GroupEric is an intelligent guy. At Search Solution Group, he solves problems like Albert Einstein, and makes recruiting look like a piece of cake. While most of these attributes are natural to Eric, exposure to failure and triumph has given Eric the experience needed to become so wise at such a young age. Eric started out working for a direct sales company after completing his degree in Psychology from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Learning the nuts and bolts of management and selling led way to Eric finding his true calling in recruiting. With almost two years at Search Solution Group, Eric’s understanding of the business is that the end result and amount of placements are directly correlated to the amount of effort and time spent. The great thing about Eric is that he is passionate and puts a great amount of effort and time into the job orders that he acquires.

As a psychology major, a large amount of Eric’s interaction with candidates and clients is based on asking the right questions. When asking questions, no matter if it’s on a first date, or in an interview, asking yes or no questions won’t get you the answer you’re looking for. Even the most seasoned professionals forget this concept. Specific, poignant, well worded, and door-opening questions are key to gaining a real conversation when making a sale.

Sometimes in the recruiting world, rollercoasters of emotion abound when making a placement, especially if a candidate goes haywire. In the spring of 2012, Eric was working on a VP role with the perfect candidate. As quickly as the job offer was made and accepted, the candidate backed out and accepted another position closer to home. Losing out on that placement with a great company was disappointing, but luckily Eric was given a second chance to fill the job when the position was re-opened several months later. From the despair that was the first attempt came the desire and passion to get it right the second time. Eric’s determination led to the placement of a great candidate and a happy client.

Eric’s words of advice: “Ask for help when needed, give good advice to those seeking help, and lean on your past experiences to help you solve problems in the future.”

Outside of work, Eric lives a low-key life that involves relaxing while watching sports and exercising. To Eric, watching sports is an escape from everything else that’s going on. To relieve stress even further, Eric plans to take up the hobby of shooting at the range like a boss.

6 Things To Leave Off Your Resume

6 Nov

Listen up, people! You are killing your chances of landing a job with your resumé that spells out every detail of your life. A resume isn’t a cover letter, it isn’t an interview, and it isn’t an application. It is a professional document that gives concise details of your experience. No amount of fluff is going to give you that experience an recruiter is seeking and it can actually be hiding your experience if you do have it.

Here are 5 things to sweep clean from your Resumé:

Clean Up Your Resume |Search Solution Group

1. Personal or Private Information: Give your name, address, email, phone number (don’t list your number at your current job), and add nothing more. Personal information like your hobbies or activities are meaningless to a recruiter, so leave those out.

2. An ObjectiveNo matter what resume templates say, leave the objective off your resume. The recruiter knows that your objective is to GET THE JOB.  Plus, the recruiter doesn’t want to see what you want, because it’s all about what they want at this stage.

3. Short-Term Work Experience: Keeping your resume short should be your primo priority. One thing that recruiters and employers look for is stability in a client. We don’t want to see that you worked at a company for only 6 months because it’s only going to make us wonder why you left. Are you unreliable and flaky? Just keep those jobs off of your resume.  

4. Irrelevant Work Experience: You’re applying for a financial risk analyst position, but you want to include that you were a lifeguard in college? It’s irrelevant and will only add length to your resume. You only want to include your most recent work experience or experience that is directly related to the position you’re interested in.

5. Subjective Descriptors: Your resumé is the place for you to list your professional experience and accomplishments. Writing that you are a ‘superior communicator’, or that you have ‘great leadership skills’ don’t mean anything to a recruiter or an employer. We are going to ignore anything subjective you say about yourself, so instead use that space to talk about your professional accomplishments.

6. Not Actual Accomplishments:  Anything that does not show your professional worth is garbage on your resumé and taking up valuable space. If you decreased company costs by 20%,  that is a resumé worthy accomplishment. Unfortunately that company golf league championship you won doesn’t count.

If you just keep the word “professional” in the back of your head when re-doing your resumé, you will be ahead of thousands of other people applying for jobs.

These 5 Celebrities Would Make The World’s Best Recruiters

4 Nov

If you were walking down an alley and your cell phone rings. The voice says to you, ” Hi, this is _______, I’ve read your resume online, and I am impressed by your experience. Do you have time

to talk about an opportunity we have?”  There are a few people we feel that you couldn’t possibly say no to.

This is a list of  people Search Solution Group came up with who we feel would be amazing recruiters:



5) John Travolta circa 1970/1980: Would you say no to his sweet, sweet dance moves? We’d let him jab us in the heart with a shot of adrenaline any day of the year.






Mike Tyson3

4) Mike Tyson: If you say no to him, you’d be KO’d faster than you could say ‘sweet face tat’. He has the Junior Olympic  record for knocking his opponent out in 8 seconds!







3) Pam Anderson: There is not a man in the world who grew up watching BayWatch that would say no to her.It’s a fact. Not only is Pam Anderson a hot beach babe, she is an enthusiastic activist for PETA, is a master gardener, and became the Labatt’s Blue spokesperson as her first big break from just wearing a t-shirt to a game.



2) Bill Clinton: He puts the baby in Ice Ice Baby. And c’mon, Bill Clinton is the coolest president of all time. He’s saved lives, he has two Grammys, and he plays the saxophone like a boss!





1) Bill Murray: America’s Sweetheart literally does whatever he wants and no one says no to him. Most recently Bill Murray body slammed Bill Corso at Game Day at Clemson, he did Karaoke with complete strangers, and Bill Murray showed up  at SXSW and started bar tending! Bill Murray is a mythical creature that pops up in random places and does whatever he wants. No one says no to Bill Murray.

If you met one of these people in the street, who would you say yes to?

The End of World Hunger Month Leaves Millions Still Hungry

1 Nov

Fight World Hunger |Search Solution Group

As world hunger awareness month is ending, families and food banks are preparing for the siphoning of 5 Billion dollars worth of benefits from the Food Stamps program.

In 2009 President Barack Obama allocated funding to benefit programs as part of his stimulus plan. These allocations are coming to an end and this end of funding will lead to 23 million households in the U.S. seeing their food budget decrease by $32 per month. This will leave families with a budget of 1.40 per person, per meal each month. This is less than your Starbucks coffee each morning!

North Carolina rolled out an online family assist system called FAST, or Family Accessing Service through Technology, which is designed to give families and easier way to manage the different assistant programs, like Medicaid,child assistance, emergency medical care, and food stamps. However, this system has been glitching and leaving families without assistance ever since it was implemented.

Families in NC are on average 3 months behind on their food stamp assistance!


1 in 5 children are going hungry each day!


These facts are insane and it’s infuriating that there are children and families in America and our city that are starving. Luckily, there are organizations like Second Harvest of Metrolina that are working their asses off to feed hungry families ( and pets). Search Solution Group  is currently in the process of setting up a food drive to help out families in Charlotte. If you are a business in Charlotte,NC, now is a good time to get your team together, drive over to Search Solution Group, and bring some cans to help us bring food to those in need of assistance!

Second Harvest | Search Solution Group

North Carolina currently has an unemployment rate of 8.7% and we want to see the hard working and well-qualified people of this nation who are unemployed, find their dream job. There ARE jobs out there, its just a matter of making connections and taking action. If you are searching for a job, please send us your Resumé at www.searchsolutiongroup.com! You could be the Top Talent that we’ve been searching for!

Search Solution Group Halloween Costume Contest 2013!!

31 Oct

OMG Halloween!!  The Costume Contest at Search Solution Group is on! The theme for this year is TV Show Characters from the past decade-ish ( 2000-2013). The amazing thing about Search Solution Group is that even though this was a mildly tricky theme, everyone was so creative and different! You can go to our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ssgcareer and vote for your favorite costume! The winner gets an awesome prize, plus bragging rights, and YOU can WIN a Resumé Consultation from our expert Executive Recruiters!! Go now!  Go! Go!

Photo on 2013-10-31 at 08.01 #2

Patrick Star at SSG's Halloween 2013 Costume Contest!

Patrick Star at SSG’s Halloween 2013 Costume Contest!

Peter Griffin made a drunken appearance at SSG's Costume Contest 2013!

Peter Griffin made a drunken appearance at SSG’s Costume Contest 2013!

McGibblets from The League at SSG's Halloween Costume Contest 2013!

McGibblets from The League at SSG’s Halloween Costume Contest 2013!

Mr.Rogers made it a lovely day in the SSGhood's Halloween Costume Contest 2013!

Mr.Rogers made it a lovely day in the SSGhood’s Halloween Costume Contest 2013!

Lt.Dangle came by to make some arrests in his Shorty Shorts at SSG's Halloween Costume Contest 2013!

Lt.Dangle came by to make some arrests in his Shorty Shorts at SSG’s Halloween Costume Contest 2013

Dooneese from SNL showed up to the SSG Halloween Costume Contest 2013, creepy hands and all!

Dooneese from SNL showed up to the SSG Halloween Costume Contest 2013, creepy hands and all!

Spongebob Squarepants joined Patrick Star at SSG's Halloween Costume Contest 2013!

Spongebob Squarepants joined Patrick Star at SSG’s Halloween Costume Contest 2013!

Sharknado, Miley, Paris, & Search Solution Group Celebrate Halloween

29 Oct

As the week winds up towards Halloween, Search Solution Group is getting ready to compete in an epic costume contest! Last weekend was a crazy weekend in Uptown Charlotte with some insanely creative costumes abounding. One brilliant costume was Sharknado, a made for TV SyFy movie about a water tornado that lifts sharks out of the water and deposits them on the unsuspecting inhabitants of LA.  Inhabitants like Paris Hilton who was dressed up this year like Miley Cyrus.


Paris Hilton as Miley |Search Solution Group


Possibly Paris?

It’s hard to tell, but we’re pretty sure that Paris Hilton really dressed up like Sharknado this year in NoDa, Charlotte. Pretty sure.

Search Solution Group works so hard that we feel as equally obligated to play just as hard. We love having fun and Halloween is the perfect excuse to do just that! We love celebrating and some could say that we go all out. This year, Search Solution Group‘s theme is “TV Show Characters from the past decade. It’s a tough one, and there are sure to be some of the most creative costumes this year. You can help pick a winner this year by going to our Facebook page on Thursday and voting for whoever you think should win!

As an executive recruiting firm full of young and talented recruiters, Search Solution Group finds itself relating to a lot of what is going on around the world. With North Carolina still high up in the percentages of unemployment ( as of september 20th, it was at 8.7% of the labor force being unemployed), our recruiters are working hard to get you back to work. A lot of finding the right candidates is by searching through resumes and applicants, but most often, the most successful placements are through making a personal connection to the job poster or the employer.

Connect with Search Solution Group on LinkedIn to have an insider’s advantage to the job application process. Join networking groups in your local communities and find yourself at as many of their events as you can handle. Being proactive and politely aggressive during your job search is going to worlds of wonder for you.

Now be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn, Check out our photos on Facebook on Thursday, and give us a shout! We are the most approachable recruiters out there and we would love to hear from you!





SSG Halloween Costume Contest 2013

28 Oct

Search Solution Group is having a Halloween Costume Contest on Thursday! We need your help to pick the winner! Check out our Facebook this Thursday. We will have a picture of each person’s costume posted on our Facebook Page. Each like on the picture is a vote!  Additionally, Like us on Facebook and comment “SSG Resume 2013” and be entered in to WIN an Expert Resume Consultation!

Search Solution Group | Halloween

Optimalism: Learning from Failure

24 Oct

Picking yourself back up after a failure and learning from your mistakes  is going to make you a successful human being.

People who bang their heads against the wall time after time are just going to end up with some pretty terrible perpetual bruises. When a company does something wrong, they immediately have the chance to correct their mistake, or potentially lose a client for life. At a well-run restaurant when a burger is made wrong or the soup is cold, your food will be fixed and apologized for profusely. This can be applied to interviewing and your job search. We definitely understand failure at Search Solution Group, but we wouldn’t be caught dead not learning from that failure and never making the same mistake twice.

Say you are interviewing for a position and you have not properly researched the company. A hiring manager wants to hire a candidate who is enthusiastic and excited about working for that company and not just the potential of having a new job.  You are going to lose out on a job when you haven’t researched the company.  So what do you do in your next job interview? You learn everything about the company you are interviewing with, you talk about their successes, and you share specific reasons why you feel their company is the one and only for you. This is how successful people operate.

Learning from Failure| Search Solution Group

We can’t all be perfectionists, but in order to benefit in the future from the inevitable mistakes we make now, we need to become optimalists.  Optimalists are those who strive for success while accepting failure as a reality. An optimalist sees failure and uses that as a tool for growth, takes risks, and steps outside of their comfort zone. People who have an optimalist outlook on life are some of the most successful people in history. 1) Oprah 2)Steve Jobs 3) Einstein 4) Walt Disney, etc… So many hugely successful people failed miserably at some point in their lifetime and used that failure to grow.

Steps Towards Optimalism:

  • Make goals and have competitions with yourself in order to achieve those goals
  • Take risks by stepping outside of your comfort zone. This could be taking a class you are afraid to fail or an activity you have no clue how to do.
  • Take not of your experience and analyze your progress. What have you been able to accomplish since you started taking risks?
  • Talk about your failures and how you are learning from them.
  • Be open to the world and learn from the mistakes of others.

Making The Sale vs. Customer Service

21 Oct

We are in the process of finding new tools to help us be an efficient recruiting firm and have access to a larger network of good candidates. Some of these companies have been great when it comes to customer service, but then there are some that only seem to care about the end goal of making the sale. Making a profit off of  customers is the only purpose for every single business ( even non-profit companies need to make money), but customers are looking to spend their money with a friendly helpful representative. It doesn’t matter how good your product is if you have terrible customer service.

Customer Service Funny | Search Solution Group

When hiring people, for roles that have contact with customers, it is important to consider whether or not they understand the fine balance between being pushy to make the sale, and not aggravating the customer.

Here are some crazy numbers of damage done from poor customer Service:

  • 55% of customers back out of a transaction due to poor customer service!

  • 66% of customers are willing to spend more with companies they believe has excellent customer service!

  • 83 Billion: Estimated annual loss to US businesses due to poor customer service!

Those are some hefty numbers relating to something as easy as  being helpful and friendly to customers. When interviewing candidate’s and building relationships with clients and potential clients, customer service is HUGE! ! A candidate might not be the best fit for the job they’ve applied to, but we are sure to keep in contact with them for future opportunities.

Search Solution Group believes that Customer Service and relationship building is the best way to drive business and make people happy!

Qualities of a Customer Service Genius:

  • Product Knowledge: You want an employee who knows the product in order to answer a customer’s questions. Plus, you can’t be a good sales person if you don’t know your product better than the back of your hand.
  • Follow up: Not being timely to follow-up with a customer is a great way to lose their business. When interviewing candidates, we look at how long it takes them to follow-up with us as a sign of what their follow-up would be like in the position.
  • Ask Good Questions: Customers are individuals and expect to be treated as one.Therefore, asking the right questions to see how you can help them specifically will help build a relationship with that person and give them the sense that you actually care about their problems.
  • SMILE!:  Even if you are on the phone with a customer, smiling makes your voice sound friendlier and will keep a customer from getting irritated. It can be awkward and unsettling for the customer to talk with a customer service rep who sounds unhappy. Better Customer Service | Search Solution Group