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The Husband List

29 Jun

We spend most of our days making matches. Figuring out what candidate will be the best match for our clients. Everything from personality, to job history to education comes into play. This is a typical day for us here at Search Solution Group. We love it!! I guess we have come to be EXPERT MATCH MAKERS, better than any silly TV show on NBC, ABC or FOX.

With that being said it is an honor to play the “Dating Game” with one of our favorite female co-workers. While we were sitting around eating lunch on Wednesday I discovered an email that she sent to me describing her ideal husband a few months ago. Actually what she sent to me was a list titled the Top 17 Must Haves for Marriage. So here it is, the magical list of must haves for one of our key employees. If you are interested please APPLY, but follow the rules:


1. Include a picture or link to your

17 Must Haves for Marriage

Facebook page or LinkedIn account. Helping to prove you are legit.

2. Explain how you meet all of her 17 must haves. She likes a good story.

3. Please be respectful of her privacy

4. Sending chocolate and food to the office will only make her happy