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Why are recruiters better than realtors?

31 Mar

Do real estate agents really have their clients’ best interests in mind? That’s the question best-selling authors Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, of “Freakonomics,” ask in the film version of their book, above, and the answer, via Curbed, is probably not. Agents’ own financial best interests lie in selling as many homes as possible rather than in selling each at the best possible price, Levitt and Dubner say. There’s further evidence of that in data that shows that agents leave their own homes on the market for an average of 10 days longer than they do when it comes to the homes of their clients. Watch the clip for more explanation.


 At some point last year I finally got the chance to read Freakonomics. It was such a great book. The book was very insightful and has some really interesting chapters and one of my favorites was the one about real estate agents. The introduction of this week’s blog and the short video clip will give you the cliff note version of the chapter. I am bringing this to your attention today because I honestly feel that the “realtor” and the real estate industry need a MAJOR MAKEOVER. I would love to be the person to do it or help change it because there are so many useless real estate agents that are out there giving others and the industry a BAD REPUTATION. I have not met anyone in that industry who does anything different other than post your house with some silly pictures on the MLS and then hope and pray to the real estate gods.  Maybe I am being a little harsh…….but someone do something different and get some integrity!

 This little rant was caused by a conversation one of my recruiters had with a Controller/CPA candidate this week. It worked out ideally because this candidates wife is actually a realtor. This particular CPA was not interested in working with a recruiter despite having sent us his resume. So right from the start my recruiter was a little confused. He asked  “why did  you send us your resume if  you do not want to work with a recruiter?” The CPA went on to explain that he did not know we were a recruiting firm and blah blah blah. He was very polite and when our recruiter asked why he did not want to work with a recruiter the CPA said he had not had a good experience in the past when he was looking for his last job about nine years ago. This was perfect!! This CPA hadn’t realized that in the past nine years our industry had changed so much that our recruiter had the chance to explain to him why he should work with us and how he should be selective with the recruiting firm he chooses to use and represent him. It was an awesome opportunity to tell him more about Search Solution Group.

 Here are the highlights of that conversation as they were relayed to me:

1. Look to see where you are sending your resume

2. Research the Firm on the Web

3. Use LinkedIn to look up the Recruiter who you are speaking with. A good well networked Recruiter will have tons of connections

4. Make sure your Recruiter has not worked with a bunch of Recruiting Firms in the past and has some credible job history

5. Our Recruiter was able to explain our process and walk him thru the CONFIDENTIAL manner in which we handle all resumes that are sent to us.

6. He walked the CPA thru the job opening we have for him and explained why he thought he was a good fit. He assured the CPA he wasn’t just going to file his resume and do nothing with it.

7. He gave the CPA a few references

After about 20 minutes and some good back and forth, our Recruiter was able to win over the CPA. I think we helped restore some confidence in our Industry and our process and our people. It was a really good conversation for everyone. However the better conversation happened the next day when we called the CPA back to tell him that he has an Interview with our client on April 12th. Keep your fingers crossed!!