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Patience: A Lesson from a Dog

20 Apr

I spent  a better part of my day on Thursday thinking about what I was going to write about. Being completely discouraged I decided to leave the office and work out and hope that a good work out might inspire me. Well sure enough the moment Tanner (my faithful lab) Eric and I leave the office I get inspired. What inspired me??????? MORE STUPID PEOPLE WHO DESERVE A PUNCH IN THE NOSE.

 As the three of us step outside on a beautiful and sunny Charlotte evening we notice a dog on a leash running towards us or specifically towards Tanner. This isn’t the first time this has happened. It always seems that the guy who is “vertically” challenged is letting the dog run around and jump on other people and dogs. As much as I wanted to punch him his girlfriend seemed very nice so I held my anger back.  His dog comes running over jumping on us but mostly jumping and sniffing Tanner. Tanner PATIENTLY and calmly stood there. He was poised and majestic, Tanner had the grace of all the Greek Gods put together at this moment. Needless to say I was proud of him for not attacking this dog who is owned by a moron.

 Now Eric, myself and Tanner walk around the corner to drop some mail off. Not 45 seconds later here comes this little scrappy white dog from around the corner barking at Tanner. No leash, no owner just yipping away at Tanner. Wait, here comes the dumb owner trying to get her dog to listen to her. It is not working!! Imagine this scenario…this little leash less dog barking two feet away from a dog five times her size. Finally the owner is able to get her dog, but this is after two to three minutes of Tanner standing there watching all of this. I can only imagine what Tanner is thinking….maybe I should just bite her head off and chew on it as a play toy for a bit. Nope, maybe I should swallow the whole dog and I could have one massive poop later. Nope, Maybe I should take my left paw and just swat this annoying bitch across the street. Nope, Maybe I should bite the owner for being stupid and not training her dog. Nope, Instead I will stand here and  be mature and have PATIENCE for other dogs and pet owners who don’t know better and are irresponsible  and just laugh at them both. He is also probably thinking the sooner I get in the car the sooner I can eat dinner and play. With that being said I love my dog!

 So as the three of us are walking away, I said to Eric. “I wish I had the Patience of my dog”. And there you have it folks, my inspiration for this week’s blog. I wanted to punch and yell at everyone and the whole time Tanner stood there like a mature, confident and intelligent creature. I was so proud of him and the whole time wishing I could do the same all the time. I know this is going to sound strange but as much as I have learned from reading and being around other people, I think Tanner has taught me just as much. Tanner really understands what is important in life (a good belly rub, being around good people, some exercise and the occasional treat ). Now if I can teach him to stop eating other people’s lunches (sorry Lindsay and Elena) I will have made some real progress.

 So for the rest of 2012 I am going to try to be more like my little buddy and if YOU (Stella especially) notice that I am not behaving correctly give me a treat and politely and PATIENTLY remind me please.