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Optimalism: Learning from Failure

24 Oct

Picking yourself back up after a failure and learning from your mistakes  is going to make you a successful human being.

People who bang their heads against the wall time after time are just going to end up with some pretty terrible perpetual bruises. When a company does something wrong, they immediately have the chance to correct their mistake, or potentially lose a client for life. At a well-run restaurant when a burger is made wrong or the soup is cold, your food will be fixed and apologized for profusely. This can be applied to interviewing and your job search. We definitely understand failure at Search Solution Group, but we wouldn’t be caught dead not learning from that failure and never making the same mistake twice.

Say you are interviewing for a position and you have not properly researched the company. A hiring manager wants to hire a candidate who is enthusiastic and excited about working for that company and not just the potential of having a new job.  You are going to lose out on a job when you haven’t researched the company.  So what do you do in your next job interview? You learn everything about the company you are interviewing with, you talk about their successes, and you share specific reasons why you feel their company is the one and only for you. This is how successful people operate.

Learning from Failure| Search Solution Group

We can’t all be perfectionists, but in order to benefit in the future from the inevitable mistakes we make now, we need to become optimalists.  Optimalists are those who strive for success while accepting failure as a reality. An optimalist sees failure and uses that as a tool for growth, takes risks, and steps outside of their comfort zone. People who have an optimalist outlook on life are some of the most successful people in history. 1) Oprah 2)Steve Jobs 3) Einstein 4) Walt Disney, etc… So many hugely successful people failed miserably at some point in their lifetime and used that failure to grow.

Steps Towards Optimalism:

  • Make goals and have competitions with yourself in order to achieve those goals
  • Take risks by stepping outside of your comfort zone. This could be taking a class you are afraid to fail or an activity you have no clue how to do.
  • Take not of your experience and analyze your progress. What have you been able to accomplish since you started taking risks?
  • Talk about your failures and how you are learning from them.
  • Be open to the world and learn from the mistakes of others.