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Miss America and Miss SSG 2014

16 Sep

In honor of the crowning of Nina Davuluri as Miss America 2014, Search Solution Group has named a very lucky winner of the much coveted Miss Search Solution Group. You must be on the edge of your seat in anticipation as to who it could possibly be!

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Just like the Miss America pageant, there were many diverse candidates in our competition. The new Miss America has a degree in brain behavior and cognitive science and will spend her year as Miss America as the spokesperson for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Similarly, the new Miss SSG betters humankind daily by staring deeply into souls and willing change.

Nina Davuluri | Search Solution Group

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Living the American dream is a big theme this week at Search Solution Group. Our last post was about being a small business and what that means in regards to being a passionate worker while fulfilling the entrepreneurial itch that resides in our souls as Americans. The idea of the American dream stems from the idea that “All Men Are Created Equal” and that life should be better, richer and fuller for everyone regardless of social class or circumstance of birth.  America truly is still the Melting Pot of the world.

Just like good chefs, our recruiters at Search Solution Group, love finding new ingredients to add to the Melting Pot. Talent comes in many forms and it is up to our recruiters to find the best candidates in a timely fashion.  Once again, congrats to the new Miss America and congratulations  to the new Miss Search Solution Group, LACIE!

Miss SSG