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Making The Sale vs. Customer Service

21 Oct

We are in the process of finding new tools to help us be an efficient recruiting firm and have access to a larger network of good candidates. Some of these companies have been great when it comes to customer service, but then there are some that only seem to care about the end goal of making the sale. Making a profit off of  customers is the only purpose for every single business ( even non-profit companies need to make money), but customers are looking to spend their money with a friendly helpful representative. It doesn’t matter how good your product is if you have terrible customer service.

Customer Service Funny | Search Solution Group

When hiring people, for roles that have contact with customers, it is important to consider whether or not they understand the fine balance between being pushy to make the sale, and not aggravating the customer.

Here are some crazy numbers of damage done from poor customer Service:

  • 55% of customers back out of a transaction due to poor customer service!

  • 66% of customers are willing to spend more with companies they believe has excellent customer service!

  • 83 Billion: Estimated annual loss to US businesses due to poor customer service!

Those are some hefty numbers relating to something as easy as  being helpful and friendly to customers. When interviewing candidate’s and building relationships with clients and potential clients, customer service is HUGE! ! A candidate might not be the best fit for the job they’ve applied to, but we are sure to keep in contact with them for future opportunities.

Search Solution Group believes that Customer Service and relationship building is the best way to drive business and make people happy!

Qualities of a Customer Service Genius:

  • Product Knowledge: You want an employee who knows the product in order to answer a customer’s questions. Plus, you can’t be a good sales person if you don’t know your product better than the back of your hand.
  • Follow up: Not being timely to follow-up with a customer is a great way to lose their business. When interviewing candidates, we look at how long it takes them to follow-up with us as a sign of what their follow-up would be like in the position.
  • Ask Good Questions: Customers are individuals and expect to be treated as one.Therefore, asking the right questions to see how you can help them specifically will help build a relationship with that person and give them the sense that you actually care about their problems.
  • SMILE!:  Even if you are on the phone with a customer, smiling makes your voice sound friendlier and will keep a customer from getting irritated. It can be awkward and unsettling for the customer to talk with a customer service rep who sounds unhappy. Better Customer Service | Search Solution Group