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Ashley Goldberg: Bringing Tenacity and Passion back to Sales

3 Dec

Ashley Goldberg | Search Solution Group

Ashley Goldberg might be the most tenacious and witty person you will ever meet in your whole entire existence on this planet. Not only is she persistent in her work, she is goal oriented and successful outside of work at Search Solution Group. Ashley can smoke anyone in a bowling match and isn’t afraid to say so.

Ashley started her career doing phone sales and liked the relationship building aspect of that job. She liked working with clients, but felt limited only doing sales over the phone. It always felt like a quick sale and she wanted more interaction face to face.

Connecting with Jeremy through LinkedIn led her to where she is now, The National Sales Manager at Search Solution Group. At only 25 years old, this is an impressive feat and a strong indication that she will only continue to achieve greatness in her career.

The hunt and excitement of sales is what gives her the drive and tenacity to continue day-to-day, besides the occasional ‘no’ being thrown at her. Every day is something new and every day she has a new great candidate to market to the millions of companies out there in the world. If you are a hiring manager, you better believe that you will one day receive a call from Ashley Goldberg and when you do, it’s going to be awesome!

Ashley goldberg Hustle Harder

According to Ashley, the most exciting thing is when her persistence and tenacity pays off in a job order that evolves into a long-term relationship with a happy client. Ashley’s work ethic goes above and beyond the average woman in business. She works hard, is sassy, and is assertive, and it pays off. People love working with her because they know that she will get the job done quicker and more effectively than anyone else. Ashley believes in SSG and believes that Search Solution Group can fill any job quicker and better than any other firm in the Nation.

If Ashley could be anywhere doing anything she would be at Search Solution Group working with everyone, in Tahiti tanning on a floating hut, or on a shopping spree. If you are looking to make a career change or looking to build a long-lasting professional relationship, contact Ashley at (704) 332-8702 x 216

Sharknado, Miley, Paris, & Search Solution Group Celebrate Halloween

29 Oct

As the week winds up towards Halloween, Search Solution Group is getting ready to compete in an epic costume contest! Last weekend was a crazy weekend in Uptown Charlotte with some insanely creative costumes abounding. One brilliant costume was Sharknado, a made for TV SyFy movie about a water tornado that lifts sharks out of the water and deposits them on the unsuspecting inhabitants of LA.  Inhabitants like Paris Hilton who was dressed up this year like Miley Cyrus.


Paris Hilton as Miley |Search Solution Group


Possibly Paris?

It’s hard to tell, but we’re pretty sure that Paris Hilton really dressed up like Sharknado this year in NoDa, Charlotte. Pretty sure.

Search Solution Group works so hard that we feel as equally obligated to play just as hard. We love having fun and Halloween is the perfect excuse to do just that! We love celebrating and some could say that we go all out. This year, Search Solution Group‘s theme is “TV Show Characters from the past decade. It’s a tough one, and there are sure to be some of the most creative costumes this year. You can help pick a winner this year by going to our Facebook page on Thursday and voting for whoever you think should win!

As an executive recruiting firm full of young and talented recruiters, Search Solution Group finds itself relating to a lot of what is going on around the world. With North Carolina still high up in the percentages of unemployment ( as of september 20th, it was at 8.7% of the labor force being unemployed), our recruiters are working hard to get you back to work. A lot of finding the right candidates is by searching through resumes and applicants, but most often, the most successful placements are through making a personal connection to the job poster or the employer.

Connect with Search Solution Group on LinkedIn to have an insider’s advantage to the job application process. Join networking groups in your local communities and find yourself at as many of their events as you can handle. Being proactive and politely aggressive during your job search is going to worlds of wonder for you.

Now be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn, Check out our photos on Facebook on Thursday, and give us a shout! We are the most approachable recruiters out there and we would love to hear from you!





Wield LinkedIn As a Job Seeking Weapon!

17 Oct

So the government shutdown has ended (for now) and the debt ceiling has been extended (hooray). It only took three weeks of jabber and people not making money. Social Media is now the norm for spreading ideas and news during the government shutdown and it got us thinking about how social media is changing the way recruiters do business. There are so many resources for finding new candidates that recruiters of the past didn’t have access to that are huge tools to todays recruiters.

LinkedIn| Search Solution Group

Now how can social media be useful to YOU when you are applying for jobs and trying to get in touch with recruiters?

So you’ve applied for the position that you’re interested in online, but you want to do more than just sit around and wait for a recruiter to call you. Now is the time to leverage the power of social media by using LinkedIn.

  1. Jobs that are being filled by Search Solution Group will be advertised as such. Most often recruiters do not give the name of the company the position is with for confidentiality reasons. Once you have applied for the job through Search Solution Group, take the next step by connecting with the company and recruiters on Social Media
  2. Start out by introducing yourself to the recruiter and stating that you have applied online and are following up in order to state your interest in the position. Be sure to say specifically which position it is, how you match the job requirements, and how you are the top candidate for this role. Thank them for their time and that you look forward to working with them.
  3. Reaching out through social media is never a bad thing. Worst case scenario, you aren’t a good fit for the job and they pass. Best case scenario, you have the experience and qualities the recruiter is looking for and you become a candidate! If a recruiter has you as a candidate for one position but the hiring manager moves on to another candidate, that original recruiter will keep you in mind for future positions.

Being proactive about your job search is the top way to ensure that your career path is smooth and easy. Don’t let fear or doubt get in your way. Employers love a go-getter and if you have this attitude, you’ll be sitting behind a brand new desk in no time!

Be sure to Connect with Search Solution Group on LinkedIn, Like us on Facebook, and Follow us on Twitter!

Breaking Washington

1 Oct

In case you’ve been living in the mountains without signal, the US government is breaking down. Perhaps they should try just turning it off and back on again, or try blowing on it to get the  dust out. After failing to agree on a spending bill, the shutdown that has been coming for three years is finally here. Your mail will still be delivered and the military will still be in operation, but if you were planning on going to a federal park or museum, you are out of luck.

Government Shutdown |Search Solution Group

Luckily for you, Search Solution Group’s door never closes. With all the confusion and people not knowing the state of their government jobs or the state of their states, it is an important time to know the best recruiters in the biz. Getting connected with Search Solution Group has never been easier. Search Solution Group is implementing Operation Social Media Overhaul. This means that you will have more access to us through social means, more jobs will be posted, and our recruiters will be more engaging with our followers.

Come connect with us to get a good grasp on the state of YOUR career and let those government officials worry about the state of the Union.  This is ‘MERICA and no shutdown is going to ruin the operation of  Search Solution Group and other amazing small businesses who work hard every single day of the week!

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Success, Frustration, and Failure

10 Aug

ImageToday started off just as most days do here at Search Solution Group.    We jumped into our morning meeting and started talking about the day ahead and the preparation that went into today for our sales calls. When one of my new folks got a little flustered about the direction they were heading down and maybe even a little frustrated that they weren’t in THEIR own opinion progressing as quickly as they wanted to be.  Not to give away the ending of this story but this person has had more success than any recruiter I ever met in their first three months and is smarter than me on my best day. Soooo most of this for them is all about trying to be more successful and learn more as quickly as they can. The best thing that came out of this is that my new employee is more concerned about what their teammates think because they don’t want to be the weakest link. PRETTY DARN COOL if you ask me!

 As we closed the door and started having a heart to heart I pulled up LinkedIn and started to tell a story about my first three months in the business and the people who were around me when I started. I had no idea what was going to happen because I was just winging the whole conversation. One of the guys who worked at the same firm I did when I first started in this business had at least six more years of experience than I did. I will never forget asking him a question and him laughing at me before he told me  the answer ( I almost punched him in the nose). I started with his LinkedIn profile and went thru his last ten years of work history. What a mess it has been eight jobs in the last ten years! HA HA HA what a joke he turned into. We looked at one more persons background and his LinkedIn profile was not much more impressive. I don’t want to turn this into me hating on people, but more of a lesson on where we are going together and what it takes to get there.

My point to my employee was that we all have to start some place (for me it was getting laughed at) and your level of commitment along with a few other things will help dictate where you end up ten years from now. It is in a weird way very satisfying to look back at those two peoples careers and see that with perseverance, commitment and hard work that SSG has kicked their BUTT! We ended the conversation shaking hands and agreeing to look back at their LinkedIn profiles in nine months and count how many new jobs they have and laugh a little bit together.

The Husband List

29 Jun

We spend most of our days making matches. Figuring out what candidate will be the best match for our clients. Everything from personality, to job history to education comes into play. This is a typical day for us here at Search Solution Group. We love it!! I guess we have come to be EXPERT MATCH MAKERS, better than any silly TV show on NBC, ABC or FOX.

With that being said it is an honor to play the “Dating Game” with one of our favorite female co-workers. While we were sitting around eating lunch on Wednesday I discovered an email that she sent to me describing her ideal husband a few months ago. Actually what she sent to me was a list titled the Top 17 Must Haves for Marriage. So here it is, the magical list of must haves for one of our key employees. If you are interested please APPLY, but follow the rules:


1. Include a picture or link to your

17 Must Haves for Marriage

Facebook page or LinkedIn account. Helping to prove you are legit.

2. Explain how you meet all of her 17 must haves. She likes a good story.

3. Please be respectful of her privacy

4. Sending chocolate and food to the office will only make her happy

Why are recruiters better than realtors?

31 Mar

Do real estate agents really have their clients’ best interests in mind? That’s the question best-selling authors Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, of “Freakonomics,” ask in the film version of their book, above, and the answer, via Curbed, is probably not. Agents’ own financial best interests lie in selling as many homes as possible rather than in selling each at the best possible price, Levitt and Dubner say. There’s further evidence of that in data that shows that agents leave their own homes on the market for an average of 10 days longer than they do when it comes to the homes of their clients. Watch the clip for more explanation.


 At some point last year I finally got the chance to read Freakonomics. It was such a great book. The book was very insightful and has some really interesting chapters and one of my favorites was the one about real estate agents. The introduction of this week’s blog and the short video clip will give you the cliff note version of the chapter. I am bringing this to your attention today because I honestly feel that the “realtor” and the real estate industry need a MAJOR MAKEOVER. I would love to be the person to do it or help change it because there are so many useless real estate agents that are out there giving others and the industry a BAD REPUTATION. I have not met anyone in that industry who does anything different other than post your house with some silly pictures on the MLS and then hope and pray to the real estate gods.  Maybe I am being a little harsh…….but someone do something different and get some integrity!

 This little rant was caused by a conversation one of my recruiters had with a Controller/CPA candidate this week. It worked out ideally because this candidates wife is actually a realtor. This particular CPA was not interested in working with a recruiter despite having sent us his resume. So right from the start my recruiter was a little confused. He asked  “why did  you send us your resume if  you do not want to work with a recruiter?” The CPA went on to explain that he did not know we were a recruiting firm and blah blah blah. He was very polite and when our recruiter asked why he did not want to work with a recruiter the CPA said he had not had a good experience in the past when he was looking for his last job about nine years ago. This was perfect!! This CPA hadn’t realized that in the past nine years our industry had changed so much that our recruiter had the chance to explain to him why he should work with us and how he should be selective with the recruiting firm he chooses to use and represent him. It was an awesome opportunity to tell him more about Search Solution Group.

 Here are the highlights of that conversation as they were relayed to me:

1. Look to see where you are sending your resume

2. Research the Firm on the Web

3. Use LinkedIn to look up the Recruiter who you are speaking with. A good well networked Recruiter will have tons of connections

4. Make sure your Recruiter has not worked with a bunch of Recruiting Firms in the past and has some credible job history

5. Our Recruiter was able to explain our process and walk him thru the CONFIDENTIAL manner in which we handle all resumes that are sent to us.

6. He walked the CPA thru the job opening we have for him and explained why he thought he was a good fit. He assured the CPA he wasn’t just going to file his resume and do nothing with it.

7. He gave the CPA a few references

After about 20 minutes and some good back and forth, our Recruiter was able to win over the CPA. I think we helped restore some confidence in our Industry and our process and our people. It was a really good conversation for everyone. However the better conversation happened the next day when we called the CPA back to tell him that he has an Interview with our client on April 12th. Keep your fingers crossed!!