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Lessons I’ve Learned From My Dad

18 Jun

I spent most of my days as a kid at the ball park or the hockey rink. When I wasn’t there with my parents, I remember playing catch in the middle of our street with my dad or him taking me to the park and hitting me ground balls. I remember my dad laying on the couch watching sports and shooting little plastic balls at me as I pretended to be a goalie in our family room. My dad spent countless hours with me in the backyard teaching me how to hit a golf ball. He was constantly telling me that I do not have to swing hard for it to go far but just let the club do the work for you. Sure enough 20 years later he is right (as always)!!

I also remember all the little life lessons along the way. I am not sure my dad ever really thought I would grow up to be a business owner/recruiter but I think he just Imagewanted me to be a good person and be happy. I am not always sure what it means to be happy especially at work, but I promise you I’m trying. We have done little things in the office recently like having summer hours and the occasional group trip.  One of the things I enjoy doing with my staff is having lunch together. As a kid I always remember sitting down and having dinner as a family.  I can’t remember all the dinner conversations we had as a family, but I do remember being together. So while we still remain a small company I love eating lunch together. Somedays the conversations are funnier or more engaging, but secretly I don’t care, as long as we are all together. I guess it reminds me of growing up with my dad.

 My dad didn’t grow up in a situation to be able to give me investment advice or to talk me thru the financial crisis. That was never his strength and we both know that. But I know my dads strength is people. Talking to them, listening to them and trusting people. He would be the first person to give you his last dollar or the shirt off his back without thinking twice. He loves people, ever since I was a kid I can remember him talking to complete strangers and never judging them. I remember going to hockey practice one cold Buffalo, NY morning around 6am when we stopped at the corner store for something. It took my dad forever to get out of the store all because he was having a conversation with the Hostess food delivery guy….ha. But that’s my dad!!
The way my dad treats people is the best business lesson I have learned from him. It is only fitting that on Father’s Day this year that I acknowledge that and continue everyday to try to treat everybody the way my father would.  It’s easier said than done, but as I get older and things seem to get more complicated in the back of my mind and in my heart I am trying to be more like my dad!
Thank you dad and Happy Fathers Day!!!