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Danielle Leach: Search Solution Group’s Most Tenacious Recruiter!

12 Nov

Danielle Leach | Search Solution GroupDanielle Leach, also known as ‘teach’, started her post college career as a teacher with Teach For America in Charlotte, NC. During her second year of teaching, she began to think about where she would go from there, but never thought she’d go into recruiting, even though it is in her blood. As the daughter of a successful and wise recruiter, she knew that recruiting is an industry where you work extremely hard, but the reward for success is high.  Danielle is bubbly, hyper-organized, and tenacious recruiter who has become fearless during her first year at Search Solution Group.

Danielle has learned a great deal about the way businesses work and what is involved in working with candidates and high-powered clients. At first, Danielle was intimidated by the titles of the clients she was working with. CFO, CEO, COO, VP; These were all titles that seemed otherworldly, but by just picking up the phone and talking, she realized that behind these titles were people who needed her help, no matter how lofty the title. Once she realized this, there was no slowing down Danielle.

Placing candidates in a job that they are over the moon excited about is one of her favorite things about being a recruiter. Danielle loves sharing in the joy that comes from improving a candidate’s career and giving a client their new top employee.

Outside of work, Danielle is an avid runner who has completed marathons. She has a competitive nature that gives her fuel for both running and her recruiting work. One thing that many of her friends know, but the world has yet to realize, is that Danielle is the identical twin to Kate Middleton. As an avid admirer of the Duchess of Cambridge, Danielle aspires to be as great of a woman and a style icon and is already on here way to becoming just that.

If Danielle could do anything right now, she would fill all her open jobs! She would then go to Africa to the orphanage her cousin runs in Uganda. With a huge heart and a ferocious nature, Danielle makes for a force to be reckoned with. She has huge dreams, but has the ability and the determination to fulfill those dreams, so watch out world!


Making The Irrefutable Offer

4 Oct
Office Dog |Search Solution Group

Under experience, i see you are an expert fetch player? Excellent!

The most crucial part of the hiring process might seem like it’s the interviewing and the vetting, but in reality the success of a candidate placement comes down to you, the Employer. When you have a talented, successful, and vetted candidate sitting in front of you, it should make you a bit nervous not to mess this up. This candidate most likely has other options but is interested in you. Think back to your teenage years of dating when your heart had butterflies and you had nervous hand sweats, and would like, totally die if you messed anything up. This is how we want you to feel about the candidates.

Now that we have you nervous, you can calm down because we’ve got you covered.

When giving your candidate an offer, you have your budget and you have your wiggle room with offering price. But there is more to a successful job offer than just the agreement on number. Here are some ways to make your top candidate an irrefutable offer!

Don’t Drag Your Feet: A candidate this awesome doesn’t come around very often and it’s up to you to grab him before he’s gone. Besides, the interviewing process is long enough without the added delay in decision-making, right? Best policy, day of final interview with the candidate, make a decision and contact them with the offer! Not only are you easing your own and the candidate’s nervousness, it shows enthusiasm that you want them. Everyone wants to be wanted after all.

To Call or Email the Offer? Call them! Remember when we talked about enthusiasm for the candidate? Calling the candidate with the offer so you can convey your excitement for them and be able to answer any questions they might have.

If you call and there is no answer, leave a message for the candidate to call you back and send an email stating the same as your voicemail!

Explain Benefits to a T: Explain your benefits and pay as accurately as possible will help the candidate make his decision quickly and give them a sense of trust for you. This will also be beneficial to you later down the road when an employee is not expecting more out of you then what was promised.

Get A Commitment: Your candidate might want some time to think about your offer, which is OK. However, make sure that you ask if there is anything you can clear up that might be making them hesitate. You want to see what they think about the offer in order to make their acceptance more likely.

Write it out: Now that you have given a verbal offer to the candidate, write it all down in either an email or a letter and send it to the candidate. Be sure to give them a deadline to get a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ back to you within two to three days. This will hopefully keep them from dragging out the acceptance process.

Of course your Search Solution Group recruiter will be involved in the steps of the offer process, so if you have any questions, we are here to help!

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Finding The Best Executive Recruiters

26 Sep

When starting your job search ( or if a recruiter calls you because you are a top candidate) the best type of recruiting or search firm to work with are a team of recruiting  specialists looking to work with specialists in their industries. For example, our recruiters at Search Solution Group specialize in placing people in these industries: Manufacturing, Retail Management, Distribution, Restaurant Management, Logistics, Energy, Health Care, Consumer Product Goods, and Hospitality. Within these industries are thousands of specialities ( like Finance or Human Resources) that we’ve placed. There are to be exact, a bajillion recruiters in the world, yet only some have connections, expertise,  and recruiters who are passionate for their jobs like our recruiters at Search Solution Group. 

Search Solution Group SuperRecruiters

Search Solution Group Super Recruiters

When looking for a great recruiter, take these qualities into account: 

Do They Know Your Industry

Say you are a Mechanical Engineer looking to find a new position, it would be important for you to work with a Recruiter who knows the industry and has connections and relationships with engineering firms  that employ Mechanical Engineers. For example, Search Solution Group has recruiters who have very strong connections with local, national, and international engineering firms and maintain those connections even when there is no job for them to fill because they know one day soon there might be one open.

Do They Communicate?

You want a recruiter who is always open to talk with you, give you advice, and listen to your concerns. Top recruiters have very  demanding schedules, but the important quality to have in a Recruiter, is responsiveness. If a recruiter doesn’t return your phone calls, emails, or hides behind a bush when they see you, its time to find yourself working with  Search Solution Group. If there is one thing that our recruiters are excellent at, it is responsiveness. Our recruiters are not afraid to pick up the phone and call you. Following through with a candidate is so imperative that you want to make sure you partner with a recruiter who will value your time.

Is This a Long-Term Relationship? 

The majority of recruiters will collect a large number of OK candidates for a position, and then drop them once they’ve made a placement. The recruiters at Search Solution Group look for a limited number of phenomenal candidates and makes sure to partner with those candidates in the future, whether it means working with you in your new Human Resources position, or staying in contact with you in order to find you the perfect position in the future. You want to work with a recruiter who cares about your success as much as they care about their success.



The recruiters at Search Solution Group are a team of dedicated, passionate, and caring people. We do everything to bring success to our clients and candidates. If you are looking to make a career change, contact us, find new job postings, and submit a resume through our website HERE and HERE!

SSG’s Got Talent!

20 Sep

As an employer, hiring involves time, money, and effort digging through resumes that often result in junk candidates that would be a further waste of time and money. Your frustrating stint in recruiting has left you not wanting to hire anyone, but knowing that you seriously need to fill the position unless you want to be in the poor house.

You might as well sell your business, move to Portland, and live the rest of your days selling organic chicken and growing moon gardens. Yeah, grow some balls and commit to working with the best Executive Search Firm, Search Solution Group.

Here are some reasons why Search Solution Group is the Neiman Marcus of the recruiting world.


  • Partnership: From the start of our partnership, Search Solution Group works to develop a strategy that fits your wants and needs like a glove. Search Solution Group works primarily as a retainer Search Firm, meaning that we are paid for our services up front. The benefit of this form of contract is the expertise that comes with working with a retainer Search Firm. While this is our normal procedure, Search Solution Group’s main goal is to find you Top Talent and will work under a contingency contract. This means that we would get paid once the best candidate is found and hired by you.
  • Tailored Fit: We tailor your experience to make it the best. If you need help writing a job description, we are more than happy to utilize our expertise to provide that service.
  • Streamlined Process: Open communication, diligent effort, persistent pursuit of the perfect candidate, and years of expertise allows Search Solution Group to streamline the recruiting process to bring you top talent quickly.
  • Constant Contact: We give you email addresses, phone numbers, cell phone numbers, and are available to your needs 7 days a week. Search Solution Group is extremely communicative and consultative to give high levels of attention to each client.
  • Professional Courtesy: Like the attendants who you trust with finding the best quality and correctly fitting suit at Neiman Marcus, the Executive Recruiters at Search Solution Group fit you with Top Talent with a professional manner. Our strong team of seasoned recruiting professionals use their networking, social media, and communications expertise to explore and find the most suitable and desirable candidates for managerial and executive-level positions.
  • Fearless: While Search Solution Group consists of  professional and courteous Executive Recruiters, they fear nothing and expect success in every effort they make. Search Solution Group recruiters are aggressive, fearless, and ruthless when finding you the best candidate. We WILL headhunt talent from your competitors if it means finding you the perfect fit.

Fearless | Search Solution Group

  • The Dollar Bill: Search Solution Group gives you great talent guaranteed. When committing to the best Executive Search Firm, the price versus the return on investment is more important. Focus on the fact that Search Solution Group will bring you the best quality candidates out there. We search for the needle in the haystack for every client. No exceptions.
  • NOT a one-trick pony: Search Solution Group doesn’t just specialize in one industry, We specialize in all industries. Our recruiters have placed candidates in industries that include: Manufacturing, Retail Management,  Distribution, Restaurant, Food and beverage distribution, Management, Energy, Health Care, Consumer Product Goods, Hospitality, Logistics, Oil and Gas, and Technology. Within these industries we place people in Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Compensation & Benefits, Training, Supply Chain, Operations, Accounting, Finance, and Engineering. 
  • Constantly Improving: Search Solution Group strongly believes that in order to be the best at what we do, we can never become stagnant or stale. Staying on top of new technologies and systems allows Search Solution Group to continue improving. We are constantly learning, reading, and gaining knowledge that could give you an advantage over your competitor when it comes to what skills your candidates should have.
  • We think globally: As a top performing Executive Search Firm, we do not limit ourselves to working with candidates and clients from specific regions or countries. We think globally when searching for candidates. If there is a person living in London who we know will be your best option, we will get that person for you.
  • Provide Advice: Search Solution Group believes in providing helpful, accurate, and relevant advice to both candidates and clients through this blog and our website. We are a social and communicative recruiter. You can find us on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and obviously through this blog!  You can also read useful career advice White Pages on Search Solution Group’s website.