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Columbus Day Myth Busting

14 Oct

It is Columbus Day, or as it’s called in Hawaii, ‘Discovery Day’!  Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1942 to find new land and prove that the world was round, right? Wrong! Most people think that Christopher Columbus was a revolutionary explorer discovering new lands when in all reality, those lands were already discovered by their inhabitants. Plus everyone had known the world was round for a few hundred years already. Just to add a kicker, Columbus never actually set foot on North American Soil. The only place that Columbus ever landed is now known as The Bahamas, Haiti, and The Dominican Republic. While he was there, he decided to make the indigenous people his slaves, take their land, and torture them to death. Christopher Columbus was not a heroic man nor should he be taught as one.

Christopher Columbus Myth | Search Solution Group

Today should be called Search Solution Group Day due to all the actual helping of people that happens around these parts. Each day at Search Solution Group is a discovery waiting to happen. Our expert recruiters take the task of finding the perfect candidate to fit a client’s needs and will not stop until top talent is discovered. The only commonality between Search Solution Group recruiters and Christopher Columbus is a tenacious and aggressive pursuit of success.

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