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Therapy Dogs Make A Difference In Buffalo, NY

27 Nov

Hospice Buffalo
When we see a heartwarming story relating to our roots in Buffalo,NY, we love to share (especially if it has to do with dogs)!

At Hospice Buffalo, Therapy Dogs ( and sometimes cats) are making a huge difference in the lives of patients and the lives of the volunteers. Each visit from the therapy dogs makes it easier each day for patients to get through their treatments. Family members visiting their loved ones in their last moments are comforted by these special and loving dogs who are there for them. Dogs can sense when a person is in need of a friend.

Being around death every day can also be draining on the Hospice Staff. Seeing their patients comforted in a manner they themselves can not supply must be such a huge relief. If you have a pet that you think would be a great therapy dog, check out this list of organizations in the U.S. that you can get involved with. Most organizations have connections where your pet can get certified. http://www.therapydogorganizations.net/

You can read the full article here: hospice article