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Ace Every Phone Interview

26 Aug

Phone interviews can be daunting, but completing a successful phone interview is an integral part of most interview processes. If played right, phone interviews can be fun and instrumental in placing yourself higher on the pile of applicants.


Be Prepared

Prepare for a phone interview just as you would for an in-person interview. By this we mean, research, research, research! You should know everything and anything about the company, the job position, and the person who is interviewing you before you get on the phone.

Make a list of intelligent questions to ask as well as your answers to any typical interview question. It happens too often that candidates start phone interviews blind and unprepared because they don’t take them seriously. ALWAYS feel free to reach out to your Search Solution Group  Recruiter, too, to help you with any information you may need prior to your call.

The beauty of phone interviews is that you can have a ridiculous amount of material at your disposal without the interviewer knowing.

  • Have a copy of your resume printed out as well as a copy of the job description
  • With access to the Internet during a phone interview, you can have a browser open to the company’s web page and the ability to search topics discussed during the interview.
  • Give yourself enough time to talk for as long as the interviewer wants. It takes 15 seconds for the interviewer to decide whether you are a worthy candidate and the longer you have them interested, the better you’re doing. Running out of time and cutting off the interviewer because your lunch hour is up is the last thing you want to happen.


Having a smile on your face while on the phone gives your voice excitement and a lively energy. Your voice can seem monotonous or even irritated without a smile. Since the interviewer can’t see you, being overly animated and smiley won’t make you seem like cheerleader, but rather an engaging and enthusiastic professional.

Be Compelling

Your main job during a phone interview is to be so compelling and interesting that the interviewer is convinced that meeting you in person won’t be waste of time. Reiterate your experience, your enthusiasm for the position, and desire to continue the conversation in person.


Some small things to consider:

  • Don’t interrupt the interviewer; Speak slowly and enunciate.
  • Do have water handy to wet your whistle.
  • Dress professionally and sit as you would in person.
  • Remember to say “Thank you” and send a follow-up thank you note or email to restate your interest in the opportunity.