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Aaron Curley: The Most American Recruiter

19 Nov

Most American Recruiter

It’s not too often that you meet a man like Aaron Curley. His mustache alone could bring an empire to its knees, let alone the amount of knowledge he possesses. Ask him about any historical event and you’ll be given a whole year’s worth of history class all within a five-minute mind-expanding explanation.

Besides his mustache and history knowledge, Aaron is a congenial and extremely intelligent recruiter. It may have to do with his love for history, but he loves talking to people from different regions of the Nation and picking up the quirks and differences between people from different backgrounds.

Initially, Aaron played his hand at a number of jobs before coming to Search Solution Group. He was a YMCA camp counselor, was involved in landscaping and pumpkin sales, became a substitute teacher, and eventually started his professional career as a sales coordinator for a manufacturing and distribution company. After many road trips and an endless amount of paperwork, Aaron came to Search Solution Group and has found a career and a company that both challenges and rewards him for his efforts.

Besides talking with a wide range of people, Aaron enjoys the hunt for the best candidate out there. Recruiting was such a high energy and exciting switch from his previous role that at first Aaron would go home and attempt to turn his brain off. It definitely took an adjustment period of a month before Aaron can say he was fully immersed into the rhythm of recruiting.

One thing that most people do not know about Aaron is that he has a favorite belt from Kmart that is emblazoned with eagles and pure American spirit. In fact, it was Kmart’s wide selection of ‘Merica t-shirts that got Aaron hooked on his special eagle belt.

The American spirit continues in Aaron’s love for curing his own meats and then eating said cured meat. Just sitting in a room with Aaron, you start to feel instantly more patriotic. If Aaron could do one thing for the rest of his life, he would open his own deli, cure salamis and sausages because it is fun and delicious.

American Eagle