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Gnozzo Knows Quality

18 Dec



When it comes to competition and challenges SSG does not ever shy away.  With clearly such an attractive, well dressed, and holiday spirited team, you can see how it was quite the toss up for who won this years Christmas Sweater Competition.  Without any hesitation from everyone at SSG putting the time, effort, and dedication into trying to win our office contest- you can see how we always put our best foot forward into any situation or task we face.  We take pride in our tenacious drive and commitment to our clients/candidates to see only successful results.  Whether its committing to the ugliest sweater in the City of Charlotte to win an office contest, or embracing every client/candidate we can to help provide the best professional services possible- Search Solution Group has no shame in our game 🙂



Happy? Content? Or Miserable?

17 Dec
Unless you are like this family – and plan on making viral videos for the rest of your life in your Christmas jammies (which, might I add, is very cool and personally I thoroughly enjoyed the creativity of this video), you probably are either:  
A.Completely happy at your current job and wouldn’t change it for the world,
B. Somewhat content/may consider a change, or
C. Miserable and never want to get out of bed in the morning.
All of you in group A – That is wonderful.  Now give us a call so we can assist you with your hiring needs J
B’s – over 90% of the candidates we work with are currently employed.  We believe it is a good thing to have an open mind and explore new opportunities.  Talk is free, so why not give yourself a shot if it is something you are genuinely interested in?
Group C – If you have an up to date resume, email it to us or call us immediately.  If you do NOT have an up to date resume, still email us or call us and we will work with you to revise and revamp your resume so it is in tip top shape for companies out there.
We are always open and ready to talk!

Resume Honesty Tips from Expert Recruiters

12 Dec
Fake Interpreter?  Fake resume?
As I’m sure many of you have read, Thamsanqa Jantjie is under fire this morning for the accuracy of his sign language at Mandela’s memorial service.  He said he has been doing this job for many years, and that he is a “champion” of his profession.  However, questions are beginning to surface as to the details of his training and the company for which he worked.
Talk about a great digression into candidates and their resumes!Image
We have seen it often enough, where it is not just the 1% that do this anymore.  Do NOT lie on your resume! You will get caught – one way or another!
It is best to put ONLY the exact companies, job duties, skills, knowledge, degree, etc. that you actually have worked for/done on your resume.  Do not over exaggerate, do not put down a duty that you never did but you “saw your boss do”, and do not try to make your position seem any different than it actually is.  You will only be wasting your time, our time, and our clients’ time. 
A couple weeks ago, I was going through a resume with a very strong candidate and he was highlighting a few bullet points.  I asked him to explain the third bullet point at his current position, and the phone went silent…for about 30 seconds.  He then said softly, “oh, well, I didn’t exactly do that.  My boss did most of that within HIS role.”  WOW. 
All in all – do your best to highlight the skills in which you excel, without falsely advertising your experience.  If you need assistance with this, our Recruiters are experts in Resume editing =) 

Hall of Fame Worthy Recruiting Experts

11 Dec
Whether you’re a Red Sox fan, Braves fan, Yankees fan, or a fan of Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (like some of us in the office), you more than likely have at least heard of the legend, Joe Torre. 
It was announced yesterday morning that Torre, along with Bobby Cox and Tony La Russa, will be inducted in Cooperstown (Baseball Hall of Fame for all you non-fans out there) in July.  Torre brought the Yankees dynasty to four world championships and six pennants in his first eight seasons.  In 1996, he brought the Yanks to their first world championship since 1978.  These are some pretty OUTSTANDING results – no wonder the guy received a unanimous vote. 
Are you Hall of Fame material?  Would you receive a unanimous vote of YES after completing a panel interview?  Why or why not?  It’s a pretty tough thing to do.  I mean think about it.  First, you have to get the interview, then while interviewing, you need to get everyone on the panel to not only like you, but like you enough to want to bring you onboard.
We are experts at Search Solution Group.  Our candidates go into all their interviews fully prepared by our diligent recruiters.  Before any interview, even if it is over the phone, Search Solution Group recruiters have a full blown conversation with our candidates to make sure they are ready to answer all questions above and beyond, overly excited J, and able to show our clients that they are Hall of Fame Material. 
Call us today to make sure you get inducted in Cooperstown. Image

Nelson Mandela: Leadership Qualities To Follow

6 Dec

Freedom Fighter, Magnanimous Leader, Revolutionary, Triumphant Conqueror for the Good of Humanity…

Nelson Mandela's Great Leadership

Nelson Mandela who embodied the hopes and the dreams of South Africa, died at the age of 95. Surviving 27 years in prison ( 27 years!) and rising, 4 years after his release from prison, to become the president of a unified South Africa in common goals and reconciliation and not revenge. The era of the Apartheid in which racial segregation was enforced by legislation ended with Mandela and while it could have caused a civil war in South Africa, a new era of progressive and coexistence society was formed. Now that he is gone, South Africans are left by themselves to embody those ideals and coexistence.

He was persistent and never gave up on what he knew was right. Great leaders, be it a world leader or a business leader, know that behind greatness comes great sacrifice and risk. Building great partnerships and gaining trust amongst his constituents and populace allowed Mandela to be beyond great.

Know your enemy Nelson Mandela

Leadership Skills Inspired By Nelson Mandela:

  • Lead by Example: This one might seem like a no-brainer, but most people in leadership struggle with actually adhering to this principle. Gaining the trust of your employees and colleagues comes most from your actions, not your words. Words are great, we love words, but your actions need to match what you say.
  • Be Insightful: Mandela once said, ‘Know your enemy, and learn his favorite sport.’ Having insight into what makes your ‘enemies’,or competition, tick can give you incredible power in negotiation and leadership. Same goes for people you work with in your office that seem to be cutting into your productivity or employees who seem to be wasting your time. Connect with that employee or business partner in a new way to resolve issues and prevent further trouble.
  • Set Goals: Many people fail miserably when attempting to resolve an issue or become a better leader if they do not set any goals for themselves. Organize your thoughts, write out a plan, give yourself an attainable deadline, and implement your plan.
  • Build Real Relationships: Nelson Mandela was a dynamic and lovable person. He could bypass boundaries and reach past prejudices and varying backgrounds to reach people. His goal wasn’t world domination, it was to heal the broken society that was South Africa, and he succeeded. Making your goals as a leader not about your success, but the success of those around you, will indeed make you a success. It’s a cycle of success.

Nelson Mandela was brilliant and kind, a great leader and motivator, he listened to the concerns of those in need, and resolved decades of strife and sorrow. He will be missed in this world, but his legacy lives on in those whose lives he changed forever.

Rise every time you fall


Ashley Goldberg: Bringing Tenacity and Passion back to Sales

3 Dec

Ashley Goldberg | Search Solution Group

Ashley Goldberg might be the most tenacious and witty person you will ever meet in your whole entire existence on this planet. Not only is she persistent in her work, she is goal oriented and successful outside of work at Search Solution Group. Ashley can smoke anyone in a bowling match and isn’t afraid to say so.

Ashley started her career doing phone sales and liked the relationship building aspect of that job. She liked working with clients, but felt limited only doing sales over the phone. It always felt like a quick sale and she wanted more interaction face to face.

Connecting with Jeremy through LinkedIn led her to where she is now, The National Sales Manager at Search Solution Group. At only 25 years old, this is an impressive feat and a strong indication that she will only continue to achieve greatness in her career.

The hunt and excitement of sales is what gives her the drive and tenacity to continue day-to-day, besides the occasional ‘no’ being thrown at her. Every day is something new and every day she has a new great candidate to market to the millions of companies out there in the world. If you are a hiring manager, you better believe that you will one day receive a call from Ashley Goldberg and when you do, it’s going to be awesome!

Ashley goldberg Hustle Harder

According to Ashley, the most exciting thing is when her persistence and tenacity pays off in a job order that evolves into a long-term relationship with a happy client. Ashley’s work ethic goes above and beyond the average woman in business. She works hard, is sassy, and is assertive, and it pays off. People love working with her because they know that she will get the job done quicker and more effectively than anyone else. Ashley believes in SSG and believes that Search Solution Group can fill any job quicker and better than any other firm in the Nation.

If Ashley could be anywhere doing anything she would be at Search Solution Group working with everyone, in Tahiti tanning on a floating hut, or on a shopping spree. If you are looking to make a career change or looking to build a long-lasting professional relationship, contact Ashley at (704) 332-8702 x 216

Paul Walker and Following Your Dreams

2 Dec

Paul Walker, most known for playing Brian O’Conner in Fast and The Furious died in a car crash this past Saturday. He was a great actor and a good person. Walker started his career as a child in the 1986 movie ‘Monster In The Closet’.

Paul Walker | Career Passion

There is something to say about people who have passion for what they do and stick with one thing for their entire life. Passionate people are the most successful people. If you aren’t passionate about what you do, the effort that it takes to finish a project or develop a new technology won’t drop on your front door. Even the discovery of the most ‘accidental’ products such as Penicillin, the Microwave, vulcanized rubber, and Coca-Cola were brought about by a passion for discovery and invention.

So how do you discover your passion?

  • The best way to discover anything about yourself, is to write down goals and express what you are passionate about on paper. Seeing something on paper in front of you drastically changes the way that you think about it. It’s like nothing is concrete until you write it down.
  • Create an environment where you are excited and encouraged to succeed and perform. This could be as simple as changing the way you plan out your work-week or changing small things about your desk at work.
  • Set goals for yourself and reward yourself when you accomplish those goals. Having a rewards system for yourself will lead to becoming more enthused and passionate about your work.
  • Strive for new skills and responsibilities in your workplace. Ask for that account or step up and take on a new project that no one else wants to fit into their schedule. Trying new things and taking risks are bona-fide ways to become a more successful person. Everyone who is successful has risked failing and has come out on the other side ( despite multiple failures themselves).

If you are looking to build your career passion by finding a new opportunity, give us a call at Search Solution Group. We are looking for people to work with who are like Paul Walker and live life to the fullest, smiles often, and is passionate about their work.

Passion is Business | Search Solution Group