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The Worst Job in America

27 Apr

For the last two years I have been receiving calls from a sales rep for the Charlotte Bobcats. Every time she calls I remind her that she has the worst job in America. I think she finds it amusing but I’m telling her this because it’s the truth. She is trying to sell me tickets to the Bobcats…who wants tickets to the Bobcats? Come on. This product she is selling is broken, it does not work, there is not interest in the product locally or Nationally! “Hi this is Jenn calling on behalf of the worst basketball team that ever existed can I interest you in some tickets?”

Imagine the great Steve Jobs selling iPods that didn’t work. His sales pitch would have went something like “This is going to be a great product right now you can buy it and in a few years you can play music from it, eventually it will work and get better I promise.” That’s the biggest joke ever, that is what every sales person who works for the Charlotte Bobcats has faced everyday for the past few years and will face for the near future. As I wake up in California this morning staring out my hotel window, I can’t imagine how low morale must be over there.

Here is my PLEDGE…I will interview any SALES person who works for the Bobcats. I want nothing more than to hire a sales rep from the Bobcats. Even better if you play on the team, I’ll interview you and consider hiring you. In fact any HR, accountant or professional staff who can’t take it anymore call us. We will do anything we can to find you a better job with a winning company. 704-332-8702

You think your employer treats you good? 21 reason why we’re the best!

13 Apr

ImageSometimes in the hustle and bustle of day to day life we miss things. Rumor has it that one year my Dad forgot his Anniversary with my Mom. Now I am pretty confident my Dad will deny this with a smile on his face but my point is that we forget about things from time to time. I forgot that this is the 10TH Anniversary of Search Solution Group. That means that we have beat all the statistics out there about new businesses failing.

I tell my teammates all the time that without bad employees and failed business we would struggle. Search Solution Group was started shortly after 9/11 when a ton of businesses were laying people off, but I personally was not left with a lot of options so I gave it a shot. I will forever be thankful to my parents, my friends who let me use their Monster accounts, friends who hired from me and gave me my first placements and a friend who helped me come up with my business name and everything else that comes along with starting a new business. I was not to proud then nor am I today to ask for help and tell people that I just don’t know what to do. Which leads me to the next phase of Search Solution Group……What to do next??

We have started the process of being better. For me at this time it means why you should work with Search Solution Group and be a part of our team. So here goes my list for 2012 that we are offering to our current employees and future employees that make us better than your employer.

 1. Dog friendly environment. Yes we have water bowls and dog hair on the floor. If you leave food on your desk watch out..ha

2. Flex hours, especially when the sun stays out later.

3. Free lunches 5 days a week

4. Improving benefits

5. A soon to be announced awesome 401K plan

6. Free water, energy drinks, flavored water (my favorite), and POP (I am from NY)

7. FREE snacks and candy galore!!!

8. Free car wash

9. Lots of coffee and espresso shots

10. The best commission structure

11. A base salary because we want you to be happy and secure

12. As much vacation time as you need within reason also known as the “Stella Vacation Policy” SVP (just email her and ask

13. An annual SSG week long beach vacation. This is fun!!

14. I will also accompany you to 1 emergency room visit per year and make you smile

15. Free parking

16. We have a couch and have NAP TIMES

17. Ice cream cake birthday celebrations

18. Lots of sarcasm

19. Finally NO ONE will yell at you

20. Entrepreneurial cnvironment in which you can be creative and generate as much money as you want.

21. Happy hour fridays which can be drinks, golfing, food or whatever makes you happy

 We are always looking for hard working talent to join our Search Solution Group Family!

Why are recruiters better than realtors?

31 Mar

Do real estate agents really have their clients’ best interests in mind? That’s the question best-selling authors Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, of “Freakonomics,” ask in the film version of their book, above, and the answer, via Curbed, is probably not. Agents’ own financial best interests lie in selling as many homes as possible rather than in selling each at the best possible price, Levitt and Dubner say. There’s further evidence of that in data that shows that agents leave their own homes on the market for an average of 10 days longer than they do when it comes to the homes of their clients. Watch the clip for more explanation.

 At some point last year I finally got the chance to read Freakonomics. It was such a great book. The book was very insightful and has some really interesting chapters and one of my favorites was the one about real estate agents. The introduction of this week’s blog and the short video clip will give you the cliff note version of the chapter. I am bringing this to your attention today because I honestly feel that the “realtor” and the real estate industry need a MAJOR MAKEOVER. I would love to be the person to do it or help change it because there are so many useless real estate agents that are out there giving others and the industry a BAD REPUTATION. I have not met anyone in that industry who does anything different other than post your house with some silly pictures on the MLS and then hope and pray to the real estate gods.  Maybe I am being a little harsh…….but someone do something different and get some integrity!

 This little rant was caused by a conversation one of my recruiters had with a Controller/CPA candidate this week. It worked out ideally because this candidates wife is actually a realtor. This particular CPA was not interested in working with a recruiter despite having sent us his resume. So right from the start my recruiter was a little confused. He asked  “why did  you send us your resume if  you do not want to work with a recruiter?” The CPA went on to explain that he did not know we were a recruiting firm and blah blah blah. He was very polite and when our recruiter asked why he did not want to work with a recruiter the CPA said he had not had a good experience in the past when he was looking for his last job about nine years ago. This was perfect!! This CPA hadn’t realized that in the past nine years our industry had changed so much that our recruiter had the chance to explain to him why he should work with us and how he should be selective with the recruiting firm he chooses to use and represent him. It was an awesome opportunity to tell him more about Search Solution Group.

 Here are the highlights of that conversation as they were relayed to me:

1. Look to see where you are sending your resume

2. Research the Firm on the Web

3. Use LinkedIn to look up the Recruiter who you are speaking with. A good well networked Recruiter will have tons of connections

4. Make sure your Recruiter has not worked with a bunch of Recruiting Firms in the past and has some credible job history

5. Our Recruiter was able to explain our process and walk him thru the CONFIDENTIAL manner in which we handle all resumes that are sent to us.

6. He walked the CPA thru the job opening we have for him and explained why he thought he was a good fit. He assured the CPA he wasn’t just going to file his resume and do nothing with it.

7. He gave the CPA a few references

After about 20 minutes and some good back and forth, our Recruiter was able to win over the CPA. I think we helped restore some confidence in our Industry and our process and our people. It was a really good conversation for everyone. However the better conversation happened the next day when we called the CPA back to tell him that he has an Interview with our client on April 12th. Keep your fingers crossed!!

Quitters Never Win

28 Oct
Cherry Coke bottle and can

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Starting a small business and growing any kind of business is tough work. Lately between interviewing and  hiring new employees I have had to explain to them who I am and who Search Solution Group is. You would think explaining who you are after so many years on this planet would be pretty easy, but it really isn’t!

Along the same lines I have been out selling our business and explaining to potential clients why they should use our firm and who we are. So, I started getting into the mindset that I am not  a quitter. Explaining  how I do not believe in taking NO for an answer that I will continue to work hard be persistent and never quit or give up. I started talking about how I have hired some great people to work with me and  how I’m overcoming the recession.  I was I really believing what I was saying???????

Well later that night I was having dinner at my house with some friends and they were looking at me like my dog looks at me sometimes.  I was getting the confused dog look. WHY??? Because I was trying to open up a plastic bottle of Coke and it would not come off. Everyone tried and no one could get it to twist. So, I grabbed the hammer and started trying to chisel thru the top. I tried this and it wasn’t working and thought that there was a better chance that I was going to end up in the hospital. Then I tried using an industrial razor blade, nope that didn’t work either. I was imagining that I would soon be in the ER…… Then I found the pliers and started tearing off the cap bit by bit  (everyone is still watching me and now laughing at me) and sooner than later it worked. I had defeated the twist off cap and was now drinking my Coke!  I WON, I DID NOT GIVE UP.

Yea, it would have been easy to throw it out and just grab another one, but where does it stop? It is a tough economy so I’ll quit my business, my dreams and just collect unemployment or go to work for some bank. NOPE NOT ME.  I am IN IT TO WIN IT. I have no quit in me and I am going to prove it every day in everything that I do.  If you are anything like me or have any good stories post them or call me and jump on board, we are going places!

A Chance Encounter

28 Jul

I want to take a break from the Baseball field and pay some respect to two friends who are walking down the aisle this weekend and about to take the “plunge” together.

It was about 3 years or so ago when I was at a Bobcats game here in Charlotte. At that time the Bobcats were bad, not nearly as bad as they were last year or as bad as they will probably be this year. I was having a good time with a client in the bar area when we were approached by a pretty blonde ladycat cheerleader in a nice black evening dress. After my client had a long and fairly obnoxious conversation with her about her dating status, I tried to smooth things over by talking about her boyfriend who she continued to bring up. As it turns out he was from the Buffalo, NY area,  played hockey and was an attorney. I CAN ALWAYS USE AN ATTORNEY ON MY SIDE!

So, I passed my business card off to the very nice ladycat in hopes that her boyfriend would call and join our lack luster hockey team here in Charlotte.  Sure enough 2 weeks later he called, and we laughed about the business card incident.

HR and recruiting is so much like that story.  Every day I make calls introducing myself to complete strangers, who I hope to build a relationship with and everyday my phone rings with new candidates hoping that we will find them a fit for a job based on a quick conversation and then an interview. The game of life and succeeding is such a tricky road. That story reminds me every day to give everyone who calls a chance and the benefit of the doubt.  I am so grateful not just to my two friends in that story but the hundreds of people who have given me a chance. I am not sure if I am going to be able to tie this into work this week, but maybe just life. Maybe the next time someone asks you to pass a business card along or say HI to someone for you, you will do it. All of us in HR  are forced to be and gathers of info and sometime it is just plain exhausting. But when something good comes out of it and you were part of it, there is no better feeling!!!

You never know what is going to happen by just saying HI or taking a chance on a complete stranger.  That was one of the best days of my life. I made two amazing friends, who I continue to learn with, laugh with and grow a wee bit older with.

You are so Perfect – What Kind of Candidate do you think you are?

7 Jul

Here I go again, bursting your bubble and telling you stuff you don’t want to hear. However, open your eyes and ears because I am speaking the truth! I know it hurts , but it’s the reality of the world we live in. I made this mistake when I was 18 or maybe even 23 years old. But really, if you graduated from college and have been working for a few years, you should not be making this crucial mistake. It’s to the point when I hear it or see it in an email I cringe!! It’s as bad as running your ugly gross nails across a chalkboard.

STOP I repeat STOP telling me and anyone else you are perfect for a job! Because you are not Perfect and nobody is. You might be good or the best candidate for the job today, or a solid fit. Sadly, you might just be good enough for what we need now and we will deal with it later fit. You might even be a good temporary fit or in most cases not a good fit at all. BUT you are never a perfect fit, it just doesn’t happen.

So, tell me your point of contact or your potential new boss that your skills match up well and the culture seems to fit you very well. Say you are excited to be interviewing for this position because you love the industry or the location is close to your home or favorite restaurant.  Say anything, but PERFECT. It’s the biggest turn off to see a seasoned professional, especially an HR professional send me an email and say how he/she is a perfect fit for “said job”. If you have to tell me you are a perfect fit and I cannot not tell that you are qualified for the job by looking at your CV then guess what, you are trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. It just won’t work.

I am telling this to you to help you. If you disagree, let me hear it……..

Vegas Baby!!!

30 Jun

You are planning your trip to Vegas and you can’t help dreaming of striking
it rich, winning big or hitting the jackpot!   But guess what you didn’t, no
shit!! Why?  Because you are all talk and no action. Yup, I said it,
you know it and when you look in the mirror later you will see it. You will
make excuses about timing or that it just didn’t feel right, but get in line, and
I hear it’s a LONG line…..

At least once a day for 10 years while I’m interviewing candidate’s one
person will tell me they want to start their own business or change jobs
because they can be doing so much more or be making more money. However the
timing is never right or they just want to make one more change to their
resume. Ha ha. Let the excuses begin!

Me, I’m all in…all the time. You get no fluff, no excuses you get 100
percent from day one. Why?  It’s just easier.  Have a plan; put some
thought into it (I get it). Pacing yourself, taking your time, yeah that
makes sense if you are painting the Sistine Chapel. Reality check, life and
opportunity is going to pass you by while you are trying to come up with
more excuses why your career sucks and you can’t make something last. I’m
never going to leave an opportunity on the table; I’m always going to take a
chance and put myself out there and create something. Example…….

This week had a few, but I’ll spare the flip floppers. One of my best
friends gives me the heads up he and his family are ready to relocate to the
south. So, like a good friend I help him with his resume (he actually wants a
change) and tell him keep me updated as to where you are applying. Next
thing I know, I’m talking to the hiring manager of this company about my
friend and his impressive resume. I call my friend back give him the
feedback and he says I quote” you don’t waste any time getting results”. Not
to be redundant, but no shit. Time is Money, and a relationship that I value
is depending on me. He and his family want to move and I can help make this
happen. So, I throw the chips in the middle of the table and go out and
create results. He is getting his first interview on Friday.

I need results, I seek success and I want more of it, I thrive on it. We
have built a business based on relationships, being true to our commitments
and keeping our promises. For me, this extends outside of the office as
well, and I’m always going to be the person who goes for it.

What opportunities have you been leaving on the table?  Have you taken the chance to win BIG?

Ps. see you in Vegas!