2 Jan

If you haven’t noticed by now, not making a New Year’s resolution is practically a sin punishable by severe nagging and repetition of the phrase, “Come on, you have to think of something!” The really helpful part of this scenario is when the person that asks continues to stay and watch while you sweat it out, trying to come up an answer. Since, you know, everyone likes to be bug-eyed stared at while they try to come up with something to change about their life.  Well, at the office of Search Solution Group, we wouldn’t subject our team members to anything less.  After asking, prodding and pulling out answers from all who work here, we present to you the 2014 New Year’s resolution list from Search Solution Group!       


Listen to motivational/business books while working out instead of music.


Hustle Harder, Go to church at least 2x a month, read more, save more/spend less. 


Follow through with plans, ideas, and things I want to do. 


Travel out of the country/take more trips, never allow myself to become complacent in anything I do. 


Follow the Grant Cardone mantra to create and stick to a daily habit/plan.


Hmmm I don’t technically do New Year’s Resolutions because I make a list every year on my birthday … but here are some highlights from my 26 by 26 List!

– Travel out of the country.

– Read 6 new books cover to cover. (I never finish books, partly because Henry ends up eating them.)

– Run a half marathon in under 2 hours.

– Eat the daily serving recommendation of fruits and vegetables for one week. (This may be my hardest one)


Run at least three 5k races in 2014. 


Spend more time with family. Also, consistently exercise 3x weekly. 


See Mumford & Sons in concert (favorite band of all time), and since I just moved here, I want to make some more friends here in Charlotte! 

There you have it, the master list of inspiration for 2014!  How could you not want to work with a team who has such great resolutions!?  If your resolution for 2014 involves seeking out a new job, then Search Solution Group is where you need to come to make that goal a reality.  If you want a new beginning to go along with the New Year, we can help you get started.  Around here, we push ourselves, and inspire you to become the success story that you have always wanted to be. Now, get the confetti out of your hair, the empty champagne bottles off the floor, and the llama out of the kitchen so that we can get going!   


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