Resume Honesty Tips from Expert Recruiters

12 Dec
Fake Interpreter?  Fake resume?
As I’m sure many of you have read, Thamsanqa Jantjie is under fire this morning for the accuracy of his sign language at Mandela’s memorial service.  He said he has been doing this job for many years, and that he is a “champion” of his profession.  However, questions are beginning to surface as to the details of his training and the company for which he worked.
Talk about a great digression into candidates and their resumes!Image
We have seen it often enough, where it is not just the 1% that do this anymore.  Do NOT lie on your resume! You will get caught – one way or another!
It is best to put ONLY the exact companies, job duties, skills, knowledge, degree, etc. that you actually have worked for/done on your resume.  Do not over exaggerate, do not put down a duty that you never did but you “saw your boss do”, and do not try to make your position seem any different than it actually is.  You will only be wasting your time, our time, and our clients’ time. 
A couple weeks ago, I was going through a resume with a very strong candidate and he was highlighting a few bullet points.  I asked him to explain the third bullet point at his current position, and the phone went silent…for about 30 seconds.  He then said softly, “oh, well, I didn’t exactly do that.  My boss did most of that within HIS role.”  WOW. 
All in all – do your best to highlight the skills in which you excel, without falsely advertising your experience.  If you need assistance with this, our Recruiters are experts in Resume editing =) 

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