Buffalo Sabres: Rebuilding Leadership

13 Nov

Buffalo Sabres | Search Solution Group

As of 10:45 this morning, the Buffalo Sabres announced the removal of Darcy Regier and Ron Rolston as general manager, and head coach respectively. This marked the longest tenure for a general manager and the shortest ever coaching tenure with the Sabres ( except for that one guy that lasted one day). This announcement couldn’t have come any sooner for Sabres fans who were dealing with the worst season starting in the history of the team. A terribly miserable and sucky season was formulating.

So, Sabres owner, Terry Pegula decided to shake things up and start fresh. Sometimes things can get stale, and that’s great if you’re making croutons, but for a business or a hockey team, being comfortable with mediocrity is a death sentence. As the winter months are building and the temperatures are dropping, people tend to hibernate and embrace mediocrity.

Search Solution Group says shake it up and DON’T settle. If you aren’t happy with your job or the way you are performing, find a new avenue to explore. Humans are brilliant machines with brains that are almost infinitely expansive. We can do whatever we want as long as we put in the effort.

The Sabres are a team that has the potential to be great, everyone has the potential to be great. It just takes the right mentoring, leadership, experiences, and willingness to accept that greatness.

If you are out there thinking, GOSH DARN IT I WANT TO BE GREAT, pick up the phone and call us. We want to make you great, and we will.


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