The Shocking Story Of a Bear and a Packer

7 Nov

A husband and a wife walk into a bar in Wisconsin to watch the Packers vs. Bears football game. Perhaps their love life had been missing that old spark so they make a bet that whoever’s team lost would get tasered. The wife’s Packers lost so the classy couple grab some cigarettes, head to the alley and the husband shocked her three times. The wife, feeling that three times was too many, calls the police. The husband is now facing weapons charges. Apparently, football rivalries, an obscene amount of alcohol, and a taser do not a happy marriage make.

Bear Tasers a Packer| Search Solution Group

There are a lot of things to be learned from this incident. 1) Don’t make drunk bets 2) If you are going to make drunk bets, at least make it on something you can control, not a football game, and 3) If you do end up making a bet, stick it out and pay the consequences for losing.

The same can be said for a lot of things in life, including your career search. Diving in to the daunting task that is finding a new job, is like making a drunk bet that you’ll turn out ok in the end. Working with the recruiters at Search Solution Group gives you ability to take off your beer goggles and see the job search world with an insider’s perspective. We give you an ability to control the outcome of your job search.

Your recruiter is there for you no matter what and wants to see you succeed. However, no matter how awesome and intelligent you are, the ultimate decision is up to the employer. We help you make that bet, and some times it’s a losing bet. But you know what, we think you’re valuable and will keep making that same bet with you over and over again until we both have won and you have the dream job you’ve always wanted.

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