6 Things To Leave Off Your Resume

6 Nov

Listen up, people! You are killing your chances of landing a job with your resumé that spells out every detail of your life. A resume isn’t a cover letter, it isn’t an interview, and it isn’t an application. It is a professional document that gives concise details of your experience. No amount of fluff is going to give you that experience an recruiter is seeking and it can actually be hiding your experience if you do have it.

Here are 5 things to sweep clean from your Resumé:

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1. Personal or Private Information: Give your name, address, email, phone number (don’t list your number at your current job), and add nothing more. Personal information like your hobbies or activities are meaningless to a recruiter, so leave those out.

2. An ObjectiveNo matter what resume templates say, leave the objective off your resume. The recruiter knows that your objective is to GET THE JOB.  Plus, the recruiter doesn’t want to see what you want, because it’s all about what they want at this stage.

3. Short-Term Work Experience: Keeping your resume short should be your primo priority. One thing that recruiters and employers look for is stability in a client. We don’t want to see that you worked at a company for only 6 months because it’s only going to make us wonder why you left. Are you unreliable and flaky? Just keep those jobs off of your resume.  

4. Irrelevant Work Experience: You’re applying for a financial risk analyst position, but you want to include that you were a lifeguard in college? It’s irrelevant and will only add length to your resume. You only want to include your most recent work experience or experience that is directly related to the position you’re interested in.

5. Subjective Descriptors: Your resumé is the place for you to list your professional experience and accomplishments. Writing that you are a ‘superior communicator’, or that you have ‘great leadership skills’ don’t mean anything to a recruiter or an employer. We are going to ignore anything subjective you say about yourself, so instead use that space to talk about your professional accomplishments.

6. Not Actual Accomplishments:  Anything that does not show your professional worth is garbage on your resumé and taking up valuable space. If you decreased company costs by 20%,  that is a resumé worthy accomplishment. Unfortunately that company golf league championship you won doesn’t count.

If you just keep the word “professional” in the back of your head when re-doing your resumé, you will be ahead of thousands of other people applying for jobs.

3 Responses to “6 Things To Leave Off Your Resume”

  1. Yvonne November 11, 2013 at 1:13 pm #

    What do you do if you have worked temporary assignments for a while?

    • gnozzo2011 November 11, 2013 at 1:43 pm #

      Yvonne, thank you for your question! If you have worked temporary assignments that are relatable to the job you’re applying for, or would leave large gaps in your resumé if left off, include those temporary jobs on your resumé. The main thing to keep in mind with everything on your resumé is: Is this necessary, relevant, interesting, and informative of my experiences? If yes, include it!


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