These 5 Celebrities Would Make The World’s Best Recruiters

4 Nov

If you were walking down an alley and your cell phone rings. The voice says to you, ” Hi, this is _______, I’ve read your resume online, and I am impressed by your experience. Do you have time

to talk about an opportunity we have?”  There are a few people we feel that you couldn’t possibly say no to.

This is a list of  people Search Solution Group came up with who we feel would be amazing recruiters:



5) John Travolta circa 1970/1980: Would you say no to his sweet, sweet dance moves? We’d let him jab us in the heart with a shot of adrenaline any day of the year.






Mike Tyson3

4) Mike Tyson: If you say no to him, you’d be KO’d faster than you could say ‘sweet face tat’. He has the Junior Olympic  record for knocking his opponent out in 8 seconds!







3) Pam Anderson: There is not a man in the world who grew up watching BayWatch that would say no to her.It’s a fact. Not only is Pam Anderson a hot beach babe, she is an enthusiastic activist for PETA, is a master gardener, and became the Labatt’s Blue spokesperson as her first big break from just wearing a t-shirt to a game.



2) Bill Clinton: He puts the baby in Ice Ice Baby. And c’mon, Bill Clinton is the coolest president of all time. He’s saved lives, he has two Grammys, and he plays the saxophone like a boss!





1) Bill Murray: America’s Sweetheart literally does whatever he wants and no one says no to him. Most recently Bill Murray body slammed Bill Corso at Game Day at Clemson, he did Karaoke with complete strangers, and Bill Murray showed up  at SXSW and started bar tending! Bill Murray is a mythical creature that pops up in random places and does whatever he wants. No one says no to Bill Murray.

If you met one of these people in the street, who would you say yes to?

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