The End of World Hunger Month Leaves Millions Still Hungry

1 Nov

Fight World Hunger |Search Solution Group

As world hunger awareness month is ending, families and food banks are preparing for the siphoning of 5 Billion dollars worth of benefits from the Food Stamps program.

In 2009 President Barack Obama allocated funding to benefit programs as part of his stimulus plan. These allocations are coming to an end and this end of funding will lead to 23 million households in the U.S. seeing their food budget decrease by $32 per month. This will leave families with a budget of 1.40 per person, per meal each month. This is less than your Starbucks coffee each morning!

North Carolina rolled out an online family assist system called FAST, or Family Accessing Service through Technology, which is designed to give families and easier way to manage the different assistant programs, like Medicaid,child assistance, emergency medical care, and food stamps. However, this system has been glitching and leaving families without assistance ever since it was implemented.

Families in NC are on average 3 months behind on their food stamp assistance!


1 in 5 children are going hungry each day!


These facts are insane and it’s infuriating that there are children and families in America and our city that are starving. Luckily, there are organizations like Second Harvest of Metrolina that are working their asses off to feed hungry families ( and pets). Search Solution Group  is currently in the process of setting up a food drive to help out families in Charlotte. If you are a business in Charlotte,NC, now is a good time to get your team together, drive over to Search Solution Group, and bring some cans to help us bring food to those in need of assistance!

Second Harvest | Search Solution Group

North Carolina currently has an unemployment rate of 8.7% and we want to see the hard working and well-qualified people of this nation who are unemployed, find their dream job. There ARE jobs out there, its just a matter of making connections and taking action. If you are searching for a job, please send us your Resumé at! You could be the Top Talent that we’ve been searching for!


One Response to “The End of World Hunger Month Leaves Millions Still Hungry”

  1. Darlene J Pitnof RN BSN November 2, 2013 at 9:58 am #

    I am a advocate for children> We have 16.7 million children going hungry just in the Good old USA. They cannot sleep because their stomachs are hurting and growling. some have a piece of fried Bologna for dinner no milk, no fruit, no oatmeal or vegatables. What is this country coming to that we can let this happen. the local govenments need to step it up at the school systems level. Childeren should not be suffering because of idiot adults!!!!!!!!!!! in our govenment. We need to do m,ore for our furture generations. they will be the ones to safe us from the mess we adults have made. so lets get it together and give them what they need to grow and love and learn.

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