Talent Recognition at SSG and The Emmy Awards

23 Sep

Breaking bad finally won the Best Drama Emmy award after 5 season of heart stopping, nail biting, and gut wrenching epic drama. It’s about time!  Another shout out to Homeland and the lovely Claire Danes for winning Best Actress in a Drama! Homeland not only is a fantastic show, but it’s shot in various parts of Charlotte. It’s always fun recognizing places in Charlotte on Homeland. We at Search Solution Group know  we’re excited for the new season to start next week! Apparently a ton of people thought that the Emmys were so strange that the hashtag #WeirdEmmys was trended so rapidly that the internet exploded and Teens everywhere had to actually talk to communicate instead of tweet their every thought.

Breaking Bad |Search Solution Group

Homeland | Search Solution Group

Great talent comes in many different forms and it is great when an actor or actress gets recognized for their talent and hard work. If Search Solution Group was a TV show, we would probably be one of the most entertaining dramatic comedies to exist. It would all start around the table eating lunch and the ladies have pulled a fast one and changed the TV from the normal sport center to E! news in order to catch up on the latest fashion faux pas of the red carpet. The gentlemen at the table are wide-eyed and horrified at the prospect of not having sports news at lunch. Drama and a near riot ensues, however, they do learn that overalls are making a comeback in fashion. The next day a candidate comes in wearing some fashionable, yet interview inappropriate overalls. We all have a good laugh, the guys tune into E! news more often, and Search Solution Group the brilliant TV show wins Best Dramatic Comedy at the 2014 Emmys. It’s going to happen and it will be #WeirdEmmys2.0!

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