Big Employment is Baloney

13 Sep

A recent question submitted to Career Mojo got us  at Search Solution Group a bit baffled. The question was “How do I get a job with a large company?”  The questioner wanted to land a position with a large fortune 500 company but thought she was being looked down upon for her lack of corporate experience.

The reason this was perplexing is that working for a small company is waaaaaay better than being a number at a large company. The enigmatic logic that the only way to have a successful career is with a large company is dead wrong. While it may be awesome to just sit around all day and wade through the red tape created by corporate culture, working at a small company doesn’t allow the option to be just a cog in the wheel, but a linchpin. The magnificent book by Seth Godin, ‘Linchpin: Are you indispensable?‘ is a good guide to becoming a passionate worker. If you haven’t read it yet, go buy it. Right now.

Linchpin | Search Solution Group

It is so easy to just become an amorphous lump of clay in a large company and  it takes Houdini-esque performance to care about the projects you are working on when you don’t see the point. You might have a small role in a project, but wouldn’t it be better to directly impact the company with your ideas?

Directly and drastically impacting the direction of development!

Yes, that is a lot of alliteration, and two it is what those who work for small companies get to take part in on a daily basis. It is a lot of accountability, but that’s what makes it great. Having stake in your work makes you a passionate worker and develops you into a successful human being. Another perk is having access to close mentoring and an employer invested in your success.

So you get your voice heard, you don’t have to deal with the annoying corporate red-tape, you have closer relationships with colleagues, you have an accountability and feeling of ownership of projects, AND you get to wear lots of hats (preferably fancy hats)  that lead to a well-rounded professional skill set.

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