21 Dec


Today is kind of our last day in the office for the year. I think a few of us will be in and out but for the most part we are wrapping up 2012.

Today started off with a morning meeting where I received two AWESOME Christmas presents from my team.  I got a double cereal dispenser that we can use for the office. We can put cereal of candy in them!!! Then I got a cooling fan because my new office gets so hot. Perfect presents thank you!

But during the meeting Stella managed to lock herself out of her office. Yes, this happened. Also because we just moved in I don’t have a key to her now locked door. While looking for a key we noticed that Stella’s dog pooped on the floor.

Then the locksmith came, because Stella called one….. ha. I  don’t have a locksmith on speed dial but I do now!

Stella said it would be 65.00. So, Pierre the locksmith showed up and did his thing, I cracked a few jokes, paid him and he left. Well, Pierre showed back up 20 minutes later because I gave him the wrong stack of money. Instead of giving Pierre 65.00 I gave him about 600.00. He showed up and returned the money to me. Thank you for good people, I apparently did something right at some point for some good karma, Merry Christmas to BURLEY’S LOCK and KEY 704-395-2000

I hear stories like this all the time, but I never thought it would happen to me. Burley’s is the first professional recommendation I have ever gave. Thank you Pierre!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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