Why would anyone want to be a superhero?

27 Aug

I was driving home from the office the other day completely emotionally and mentally worn out. We had a really good day of recruiting and selling at Search Solution Group but I was exhausted. In truth I am looking forward to our mini vacation/ work retreat next week. But that got me to thinking about movies…comic book movies to be exact. So here are my thoughts, please remember these are my thoughts at 8pm as I am leaving the office.

 Superman, Batman, Spiderman and let even throw in Iron Man for argument sake. Why would anyone want to be a superhero? You have to put on these silly costumes that in all honesty do not look very comfortable. Batman looks like someone shoved a very large and wide pole up his KEESTER and Superman…really? NO WAY am I wearing tights with red hooker boots.

Plus every time the public sees you they expect something from you. Can you get my cat out of the tree…… Well maybe the cat hates you and is trying to escape…just a thought. Catch the bank robber, get my car stolen car back. REALLY…where do you draw the line if you are a Superhero?  This is what keeps me up at night!

However, wouldn’t you rather be Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark? Peter Parker just looks like a skinny wimp without a career or any money so I will pass on him. Peter Parker should probably go to the Charlotte School of Law, I hear they will take just about anyone.  The other three guys have awesome lives in my opinion. Cool cars, good careers, cute girls…Louise Lane is secretly a hottie! Plus they don’t have to have the daily pressure of saving the world and answering to everyone. It has to get annoying I get why Iron Man likes to break things! I am just saying that having a place to retreat back to has to be refreshing. Some might argue that crime fighting is a hobby for these guys, but honestly wouldn’t you rather sit back watch some ESPN, grab a  cigar and chill with Louise Lane?

I had an awesome conversation with two of my favorite people recently about finding hobbies or something else to do after work. I am not really sure what I will end up doing after my recruiting day ends but at least I can dream about it. If anyone has any ideas please let me know….I refuse to put on any silly costumes…ha


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