The Ultimate 2012 Campaign‏

4 May

Bathroom Etiquette in the workplace,

I enjoy listening to The Howard Stern Show on my daily commute to work. He is funny, honest and real. I get a good laugh most days at him and his cast of sidekicks. I know some people will be so upset that I admit to listening to Howard Stern, but I can’t imagine that you are all that surprised when you get to know me that I listen to the show.

 One of the ongoing stories on the show seems to be that of the misuse of the bathroom and who mysteriously makes a mess in there. It turns into an integration with Gary breaking out time logs of how long and when people were in the bathroom. Very funny stuff!

 Now don’t pretend that this “stuff” doesn’t happen at your company, or at just about every company in America. Guess what IT DOES!!! There is always that person (male or female) making a mess. I will leave what the mess is up to your own imagination. So to prevent The Howard Stern staff integrations we created a brief, but Humorous little reminder of some proper bathroom etiquette in the work place.

Now some people are going to be saying how is this helping me find a job or what does this have to do with my career? Well folks it’s been a long week so just relax and enjoy some office humor. Please feel free to forward this little reminder on to your teammates but remind them that it came from Search Solution Group. Where we are trying to make your work place better!

To Whom It May Concern:

It has recently been brought to my attention that people are leaving little remnants of That- Which- Shall- Not – Be- Named in the toilet. Seriously…no one wants to see that (not even Tanner). That is why the “#2-2 Flushes 2012” campaign is being implemented starting immediately. We are all smart people here and I trust that together, we CAN do this. If this continues, someone will be forced to do checks after someone uses the bathroom so that the culprit will be found and fired on the spot. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. “The More You Know”

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