Good BUSINESS SENSE for the Job Seeker‏

16 Feb

Just like it is customary for a civilized human being to wash their hands after using the restroom (yes that includes in the privacy of your home) I believe it should just be business sense that when you go for an interview to BRING YOUR RESUME. When you call someone about a job or a business opportunity and you get their voice mail, leave a contact number so they can call you back.

 I shouldn’t have to tell you this, you are a grown ADULT. Have some business sense!!!

One Response to “Good BUSINESS SENSE for the Job Seeker‏”

  1. thinkinglazy February 16, 2012 at 9:34 am #

    Well I agree with this if you want to just be a regular job seeker and compete with other regular potential employees. There are some, very very ….etc few, risk takers that would rather take the chance to be different and unique, in comparison to the other interviewees, and try to show that they would not just make another regular employee, but be another unique employee and join the ranks of the few unique employees a company has.

    As an entrepreneur, I always go for the unique ones, they are the ones with the most potential if properly managed and trained. Unless I only have book-followers to choose from or really bad unique employees, I would almost always be more inclined to hire the ones that choose to do things their own way.

    This is the policy I follow when in comes to recruiting, I don’t want someone to prepare for an interview and follow the ‘standard’ protocol, I want someone that just comes to a visit and talks to me naturally, someone I can get to know during the interview, not just another interviewer.

    For some businesses or jobs it might be preferable to recruit people that are just ‘normal employees’, but I fail to see a point where I would apply this strategy in my own operations.

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