The Consistent Life

21 Oct

One of the lessons I learned in life is what it means to be consistent.  Most people probably have a little bit of a different definition of what it means to be consistent; and I am sure most people don’t obsess about things like I do, but for me consistency is soooo IMPORTANT.

 I respect and admire my father for so many reasons, one of them is because he is consistent.  He set a great example of what it means to get up every day and go to work.  He taught me how to raise a family and be a MAN.  I know my dad did not love getting up and going to a factory for work, but he did his job with pride and was consistent everyday for 20+ years before he finally retired.   I know some days were better than others but he did the little things that it took to be successful in his work environment.

 Every high school athlete has his or her story of a great game or a great play they made when they were in high school;  but the better athletes who go on to college or the pros were not just better athletes they were consistently better. Every practice, and every game they were consistent.  They got better, they improved, they worked harder and were consistently good.  That is the key to a long successful career, relationship and just about anything in life.  It is all about being consistent.

How can you be more consistent?   I can help you!!   However I am not going to tell you how that easily. When I started my recruiting career in Baltimore, MD back in 2000, I had a boss who said something to me  that has always stuck with me ” you do not have to have a great day in this business every day, but you can’t have bad days”.  He was telling me  that you have to be consistent.   I was told that over 10 years ago and I still preach that one simple bit of wisdom from a very unlikely source.

 My dad never told me to be consistent, he told me to work hard, have fun and all those other things that super dads tell their kids. As I reflect on the people who have been most important to me, they all have been consistent. To this very day my dad is the most consistent person I know. He wakes up just before noon, turns on the radio and sits at the same kitchen chair wearing his same beat up t-shirt he has worn for the last few years to bed.  He drinks his coffee and enjoys being retired!

2 Responses to “The Consistent Life”

  1. Norasusan November 3, 2011 at 12:48 pm #

    I’m curious about your definition of consistency. My definition of consistency includes following through. As a recruiter, sometimes you can’t reach a job candidate on the first phone call; therefore you leave a message for the candidate to return his call. The candidate follows through by phoning you the following day, but reaches your voice mail. The candidate leaves a message for you confirming his interest in the position, but hears nothing back from you. The candidate doesn’t want to quit because as you state in another blog, “quitters never win,” so he follows up the phone call with an email. Two days pass, and you fail to follow through by communicating with the job candidate even if it is to say that you’ve been busy or that the client company is not interested in speaking with the candidate.

    How is this behavior consistent? Personally, I find it extremely unprofessional as well as rude.

  2. gnozzo2011 November 3, 2011 at 3:45 pm #

    I really appreciate your anonymous comment. I have researched the issue that you stated above with my colleagues and we cannot identify who you are. Please feel free to call or email me direct so we can discuss 704.332.8702 or Here at Search Solutions Group we strive to communicate clearly with both our candidates and the companies we work with. I hope to hear from you soon to resolve this issue.

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