Hockey is Life and so is Recruiting

9 Sep

Remember those shirts with the slogans that read “Hockey is Life” and “Give Blood Play Hockey”? Well I do because I was the hockey player from Buffalo, NY who bought those shirts. Why am I talking about these silly t-shirt slogans? Has anyone been watching the news lately? Over the last few months the “Hockey World” has had multiple suicides, and just yesterday a plane crash killed the majority of a Russian hockey team. All of a sudden you are on top of the world playing professional hockey living the dream, and then before you know it it’s all over. Anything can come and take your dream away, depression, a plane crash or a car crash (Rick Martin). Maybe hockey is not your life anymore. There are plenty of ex-hockey players whose skills have diminished, and are left to sit behind a desk like the rest of us grinding out a nine to five career.

I recently read Malcolm Gladwells book Outliers. The book is about success; Gladwells states that ten thousand hours of experience doing one thing can make you an expert. Most Hockey Players start playing hockey around four years of age, and they get probably two to three hours of ice time a week. If you average that over a year; that is about one hundred fifty-six hours of ice time, and that would take you about nine years to get to Gladwell’s ten-thousand hours. At the age of thirteen or fourteen you are starting to come into your own as a hockey player, and it is then that you figure out if you have a SHOT at making it or not.

In the real world if you graduate with a four-year degree you probably finish college around twenty-three years old. Maybe you stay in your job for one to three years, and then you bounce from career to career hoping to figure out what you want to do. However some of us never figure out what we want to do, so most of us out there in the work place are not experts at our careers. For example sales people, I am sure you hear it all the time “I can sell anything, just get me in front of someone.” It’s all CRAP!!

Where are all the experts? I want to meet and work with experts. I want to meet the professional who has spent the majority of their career in one industry, and is an expert in that subject. Fewer and fewer people are becoming career plumbers or electricians, but they are the people we call when we have a problem in our homes. After ten years in the search industry I am an EXPERT. I want you to call me when you have a problem at your office. I’ll be your corporate plumber and help get rid of the crap, and then I’ll be your electrician and help you see the light!

One Response to “Hockey is Life and so is Recruiting”

  1. Steve DerManuelian September 9, 2011 at 9:15 am #

    When you start your career its all about the offense and scoring goals. The challenge we all face is that overtime you learn that you have to play great defense too and then the defense is all you care about. Protecting yourself from being scored on rather than looking up ice at the opportunities. A few thoughts from an old goalie

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