My Top Twenty Things I Like To Boo!

24 Jun

1. The word obviously

2. Bad Tee shots

3. Mis-spelings on resumes 🙂

4. When my co-workers are sick

5. Dorito Breath

6. Not being able to find my keys

7. Bees, wasps, or anything else that flies and can sting

8. People who talk over me

9. Toes

10. Bad job history (tough to hide it on a resume)

11. Stepping in poop

12. Crabby HR people

13. Allergies

14. Cal Ripken(inside joke)

15. Reality TV Dance shows…why???

16. Bad waiters/waitresses

17. Things that taste like coffee including coffee

18. Bank of America employees at the Center City Banking Center

19. Internal Corporate Recruiters who do not get it

20.YOU, if you do not add a comment!!!

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